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Washing Machine Backing Up into Sink and Dishwasher

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When my washing machine in the basement drains, the water backs up into my kitchen sink and dishwasher upstairs. How can I fix this?

By Iris E.


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By Kathy [51]07/01/2011

I work for a plumbing company and just yesterday I took a call from a lady who had the same problem. Yep, sounds like a main drain problem (sewer). A little known secret I do to help prevent this problem is I use about 1/2 cup of bleach in my rinse water when I wash clothes. Helps clean the hoses on the washer and helps keep the drain clean. And, it's a cheap preventative.

By gem [149]06/28/2011

We had the same problem and it was the sewer line. Bleaches from washers can cause the sewer not to keep the proper bacteria to keep the sewer clean thus it flows back into the house. I think a good sewer cleaning is in order.

By Tonya [4]06/27/2011

My did the same thing and after having the sewer lines snaked and that didn't help the plumber had to go down through the vent on the roof. The drain trap that he had to snake has a funny name, it was the one in the washer drain itself, and took him about 30 minutes to break loose but it solved the problem. Good luck this is a real pain of a problem.

By Paula Jo C. [6]06/27/2011

Check your drain/sewer lines, mine was doing 'it' too SO I hired someone to rent a machine at Home Depot ($40 for 6 hours) to clean out my sewer line (on my 2003 - 80' mobile home). It was amazing all of the gunk that he got out of it in the two hours that it took him at $10 an hour. SO for $60 my problem was fixed and yours can be too, no more nasty water and stuff backing up into my tubs and sinks. Amazing how just $60 fixed the problem for a older widowed woman.

By OliveOyl06/27/2011

Your sewer line needs to be cleaned out. I have had this happen. The wash water would back up into a nearby bathroom sink. Washers eject water rapidly and your sewer line cannot accommodate it. It is probably ok with slow moving water like water draining out of a sink. I called a RotoRooter type service and it solved the problem.

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