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Burnt Burner Covers


My mother was at my house and didn't realize that my stainless steel burners covers were over my electric burners on my stove. She turned on a burner and it created a bronze colored stain on the burner cover. How can I remove this stain--nothing I try works!

Danielle from Blakely, PA


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By sandy 77 431 08/25/2006 Flag

funny sort of. i turned on my electric stove the other day. i didnt realize i had turned on the wrong burner. the burner had a glass cutting board on top. i started to smell something strange and it was not my food. well i have a cutting board with sevral circle design on it. i painted it to try and hide the marks. the cutting area is glass and no paint will come in contact with food. i just wanted to be able to keep it for awhile longer.

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By Kim (Guest Post) 08/26/2006 Flag

After doing this a few years ago, I realized that the pretty covers just weren't worth it because I always had to replace the covers. Don't know if they are made differently now, but 15 years ago, they had to be replaced.

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By krista 2 33 08/26/2006 Flag

I have done this too! I tried a baking soda paste (baking soda and a little water mixed together) and rubbed it on, let it sit for an hour or so and much of the stain came off. I tried toothpaste, too and that worked a little, but I still did not get the stains completely off.

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By Syd (Guest Post) 08/30/2006 Flag

In some cases, just spray paint them. You will lose the design, but at least you are recycling them. Not only that, each time you look at them it will remind you about ... watch which burner you turn on! LOL

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