Keeping Peaches From Turning Brown


How do you keep fresh peaches from turning brown on desserts?

Esoper from Franklinton, NC



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By barb (Guest Post) 06/10/2008

Lemon juice helps keep them from turning or, if you are using a glaze, cut them right into the glaze and toss. The air flow is what causes them to turn brown. I use a little lemon juice with a little water just enough to coat but not enough to flavor them. Good luck and enjoy those peaches. Also some people just use sugar on them and that seems to help some

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By Diane (Guest Post) 06/11/2008

Soak all cut fruits in sprite or 7 up for few minutes. Adds flavor and prevents them from turning. Even works on bananas.

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By KJ (Guest Post) 06/11/2008

I've also used this trick on fresh fruit salad. Pour a can of 7-Up over your peaches/fruit. Drain, before serving. On fruit salad, it gives it a nice sparkly flavor too.

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By marilyn (Guest Post) 06/11/2008

I use something called fruit fresh. You can usually find it in the aisle of your grocer where the pectin for making jams is.

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By Janet45101 (Guest Post) 06/12/2008

I learned this while serving as a demonstrator in supermarkets. Soak fruit in pineapple juice. Hope this helps!

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By Muriel Hrbek (Guest Post) 08/20/2008

I use frozen concentrated orange juice to keep peaches from turning brown. Wash approx. 15-20 peaches, slice with the skins on for nutritional value, add one 12 oz. can frozen concentrated orange juice, mix well to thoroughly coat and place in freezer bags. The orange juice adds a delicious flavor and color to the peaches and is sure to please. One of my favorite recipes is peach cobbler: thaw a bag of peaches and add topping, nothing needs to be added to the peaches.

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