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Cost of Ribeye Steak


How much does 1.5 lbs. of ribeye steak cost?

Jason from San Pedro, CA



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By (Guest Post) 08/04/2008

Call (or go to) your local market and inquire what they are selling it for per pound.

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By Susan (Guest Post) 08/04/2008

Around here Ribeye is often on sale for $4.99 lb. Safeway has the best!! So.....1 1/2 lb. would be roughly $7.50 ! :)

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By Coreen Hart 78 376 08/04/2008

It fluctuates wildly. I've seen it anywhere from $1.99 per pound to $6.99. Your best bet is to save up and buy a quarter or half of beef from a small ranch. Then you get all the cuts for a set price per pound, and better beef too!

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By Virgie (Guest Post) 08/04/2008

It depends what part of country you are in. I'm in Chicago, seems to be a bit more reasonable here then in the other 3 directions, E,W,S, I'm North guys! On average, not on sale, mid quality, 12-13.00/ LB.on sale 8-11.00/LB. Really good quality on sale should run 10/lb hope that helps.

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By Marcus 6 04/27/2009

For quality beef with the ribeye cut right off the prime rib roast, expect to pay $15-40 a pound. Our restaurant sells a 14 oz. for $32.00. You can find meats in the "butcher's deal" section of stores that are on sale because their shelf life is almost up. This is a great way to save up to 75% of meat if you are planning to cook or freeze it ASAP.

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By Radgirl333 3 10/16/2015

I always buy the chuck eye steaks. They have the same flavor as a ribeye at a fraction of the cost. Don't make the mistake my boyfriend did and buy chuck steak a chainsaw to eat. Bonus is the chuckeye is always a small cut so we eat more veggies like we should!

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