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What Glue Can I Use on Yarn Ends When Crocheting or Knitting?

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What is the best "glue" to use to secure yarn ends when crocheting and/or knitting? Thanks for your response.

By applesauce from Alexandria, VA


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By applesauce [8]08/26/2010

Hey everyone thanks for all the hints. After watching the video on "ends" I guess I've been doing them almost correctly all the time.

By Judy = Oklahoma [58]08/25/2010

Are you talking about the ends you have when you have to add or switch yarn? I never liked having the loose ends just woven in, taking the chance of it coming unravelled & ruining my hard work. I tie my ends together in a square knot & then I weave the loose ends in & out of the other stitches using a smaller crochet hook.

By gill [1]08/25/2010

Have a look here:
How to crochet lesson 5 Taking care of the tails

By applesauce [8]08/25/2010

Okay, I never have glued the end of yarn, even though I weave in the ends of the yarn, sometimes it still needs an extra 'something', but thanks anyway for your hints and advice.

By Clynn Altemus [21]08/25/2010

dj_pinkey was correct that you don't glue the yarn ends when crocheting or knitting.

However, if you are having problems with the ends unraveling while you are working on your project, the end of the yarn can be seared with a match or cigarette lighter. Most yarns are man-made fibers and they will melt. Be very careful the first time you try a yarn in case it is flammable.

By Deborah Jones08/25/2010

You don't "glue the ends - just use a tapestry needly and "weave in" the ends. A google search will get you more specific info.

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