Nail Polish Remover to Remove Ticks


I live in a woodsy area so when I'm working in the yard with plants or mowing and cleaning up, I do pick up a tick every so often. Most of the time people just pull them off and this results in a sore.

If you will soak a piece of cotton in finger nail polish remover and hold it on the tick for 2 or 3 minutes, it should let loose and you can just pick it off. If it doesn't let go, reapply the cotton for another 2 or 3 minutes. This suffocates the tick and when it dies it lets go. If you just pull it loose, the head comes off and remains under the skin causing itching and a sore. This was a common practice when I was a kid and we went blackberry picking in the woods.

Source: My mother used this remedy when I was a kid.

By Clynnaltemus from Inglis, FL


By Heather 4 06/22/2010

This is not a safe way to remove ticks. It had long been a practice to use things such as alcohol or a lit match to get a tick loose. However, when a chemical is used it causes the tick to become sick and regurgitate the contents of its stomach into the host (you) which then exposes the host (you) to a greater risk of tick disease such as Lymes or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. A better way to remove the tick is to grab the tick with a pair of tweezers as close to the skin/tick's head as possible and pull him out. Don't worry if the head doesn't come too. An old wife's tail is that it will make a sore or burrow into the skin but in fact, it will work its way to the top much like how a splinter normally works its way to the surface. Clean the site and apply triple antibiotic ointment often until all healed.

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By Judy 2 4 06/23/2010

Was just wondering if the nail polish remover has to have the acetone in or can you use the acetone free remover.

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