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What Can I Use for Dusting Instead of Spays?

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I am looking for an alternative for dust spray, ie., Pledge. Any suggestions?

By Charlie from Alexandria, IN


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By Daisy [1]01/17/2011

I use literally 3 drops of olive oil on a micro fiber glove (that I found at the dollar store for a buck) to preserve my wood. I of course wouldn't use this on electronics. This is not a multi-purpose solution.

For my walls, glass, electronics, etc. I use the vinegar & water mix in a spray bottle (equal amounts). 1 cup of water and 1 cup of white vinegar. This is a light mixture which does fantastic on windows. For heavy items such as floors, coffee pots, microwaves, odor, I'd mix a 4/1 ratio 4 Vinegar/ 1 water.

By Anonymous [848]10/30/2010

I use a very, very light mist of water on my feather duster.

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]10/30/2010

You can try a white vinegar and water solution, with any soft cloth. I've been known to fill a cleaning bucket 1/3 full with hot water and add a couple of caps full of white vinegar. If the water gets too dirty, pour out what you have and make a fresh batch. Not only does it take care of the dust, my home smells much fresher.

By OliveOyl10/29/2010

I like using a microfiber cloth dipped in water, then wrung out till almost dry. If the surface is still too wet, wipe the damp surface with a dry cloth. These microfiber cloths are in dollar stores.

By bkvander [2]10/29/2010

I love my Swiffer - no chemicals and they go a long way if you shake them outside after each use.

By Jean [2]10/29/2010

I spray my dust cloth with a very light mist of water.
It really helps to pick up the dust instead of just moving it around.

If you're wanting something to clean and shine, there are homemade recipes using olive oil and lemon juice.

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