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What Is Behind Vinyl Siding?

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We have a 9' x 16' area on the back of our house -- 3 sides are vinyl siding and the other side was wood and screen. We replaced the wood and screen with windows and sliding door. This goes out to our deck.

What is behind the vinyl siding? Can we easily remove the siding and finish the walls like a normal room in a house?

I hope I explained this clearly enough.

DebbieG from Camden Point, MO



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By Delores (Guest Post)01/28/2008

Some houses are wrapped, but others have the siding put right on the house. Find a seam where two pieces overlap and press down on the piece on the bottom, you should be able to see whats behind the siding. Good Luck

By hgksave (Guest Post)08/15/2007

We put vinyl siding on our house with screws, however, I'm sure most builders use nails. Behind our vinyl we put wood, thermo-ply, and tyvek was required in Florida. (We built the house ourselves). When my husband decided to build a screened in back porch on our house, I had no problem removing the screws and taking off the siding. We replaced with wood paneling.

By DebbieG [1]08/14/2007

It is now that we put in the permanent wall of windows/sliding door.

By Beth [25]08/14/2007

Are you saying the vinyl siding is on the inside?

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