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Mammoth Sunflower Leaves Turning Yellow

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I have planted mammoth sunflowers in a large pot and I'm having a problem with the lower leaves first turning yellow, then brown before finally dieing off. Am I over watering or what?

Hardiness Zone: 7a

Dave from Baltimore, MD



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By Beth [5]07/31/2008

Hi there, mine do that too. Happens every year. It doesn't bother me. Once they get really gross looking, I trim them off. The sunflowers don't seem to mind at all! Hope that makes you feel a bit better :)

By Zoe [1]07/31/2008

Hi, i had the same problem and the problem was that the plant had an huge root system and was pot-bound, and that caused my plant to die. When i removed it from the pot there was virtually no soil left it was all roots, i threw away the whole thing...
Sunflowers need space, next year i'm planting dwarf variety in pots, mamoth are really more for gardens... I hope this helps....

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