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What Breed Is Roxy?

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What Breed Is Roxy?

What Breed Is Roxy?

Roxy is around 5 weeks old and a mutt of some sort. I got Roxy on January 16th. She found in a dumpster when she was only 10 days old by my uncle's coworker. She called and asked us to get some formula and a bottle and we've been under a Vet's supervision ever since.

She likes to play with the call, play in the grass and TUG-A-WAR! The vet said she's healthy, she's been dewormed and got her first immunization on Monday. She's approx 5 weeks old and weighs almost 4 pounds.

How big do you think I'll be? What breeds do you see in me?

By Michelle from Orange County, California



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By Angela Lantain [16]03/11/2008

I agree with the majority. She's definitely a german shepherd/lab mix. She looks a bit like a dog my aunt has. If she does have some lad in her pedigree, though, I suggest making regular visits to the vet. Labs, even lab mixes, are prone to get arthritis in their hips. Other than that, mixed breeds tend to live longer and are generally healthier than pure bred dogs. She's one lucky puppy, too!

By Tiff (Guest Post)03/11/2008

O and another thing, her coat will change color. She will probably be more tan and white than black. That is a common trait with most dogs. Example. Noah didn't have a black nose and he was more black and light tan when he was younger. Just thought I would let you know. P.S. Please keep her. They make GREAT inside dogs and they are awesome with people.

By Tiff (Guest Post)03/11/2008

She is Adorable. She is probably German Shepherd/ Husky Mix
OR she is probably German Shepherd/ Lab Mix.
I say that because of her coloration. Its rare to see white in a German Shepherd (Its actually considered a fluke trait)

Either which way she will be a big dog. Your looking at 50-60lbs give or take. Your also looking at 19-24 inches give or take.

I have a German Shepherd/ Alaskan Husky Mix
He is about 3 years old and he was also a rescue pup.. He is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. They are Very Quick to learn. You can get DNA test to see what she is exactly, If you want to breed her.

She is a BEAUTIFUL Pup. Below is Noah, My full grown German Shepherd/ Alaskan Husky Mix.

RE: What Breed Is Roxy?

By Barrett (Guest Post)03/09/2008

Our dog Lilly looked a lot like that when she was a puppy. She is part german shepard and part shar pei.

RE: What Breed Is Roxy?

By Sheri (Guest Post)03/07/2008

German Shephard/Lab?, Maybe Rottweiller

By Jill [4]03/06/2008

My vote also goes with a shepherd mix! What a lucky pup, and lucky you--I think you have found wonderful companions in each other!

Roxy couldn't be cuter!

By MADELINE (Guest Post)03/06/2008

I 'd say there's German Sheppard in there or maybe not.

By joan pecsek [88]03/06/2008

My brother had a dog that looked like this and it was part husky. Other part unknown.

By Kinga (Guest Post)03/06/2008

Looking at the tail , ears and coloring I would say german shepard. She is so lucky to have you. I hope you hAVE MANY WONDERFUL YEARS TOGETHER.

By GAIL (Guest Post)03/06/2008


By michaela [1]03/06/2008

she looks like my dog JoJo we think she is mostly shepard

RE: What Breed Is Roxy?

By Nan Corpe [6]03/06/2008

Roxy looks like a breed of dog I see at the dog park that I never knew existed. I think it's called called a "black nosed cur." We have 3 of them that go to our park. They usually have light beige or light brown bodies with black snouts. They grow to the size of an average lab. I don't know it that is what your dog is, but he looks like a pup of one of these. He's a beautiful pup. Who would put him in a dumpster? You're lucky to have a cute little guy like that. You have to take him to the vet, so he will give you a better idea of his breed when he gives you his required shots.

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