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Poulan Pro Push Mower Won't Start


I have a Poulan Pro Push Mower. I tried to get it to start and it wouldn't. I checked the spark plug and it was bad so I changed it. I filled it up with gas and it has oil. What else could make it not start?

James from Portageville, MO



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By siris (Guest Post) 06/28/2008 Flag

Sounds like the problem I had. my son-in-law replaced the magneto. Apparently they have modified it 4 times since I bought it 2 years ago. It has a tecumseh motor.

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By ann. (Guest Post) 06/29/2008 Flag

Some ideas of things to check (from my husband)-is the plug getting fire to it and is fuel getting to the cylinder. Also, check to see if the air filter is clogged. If no fire to plug could be a bad magneto, no fuel could indicate carburetor problem.

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By Harry (Guest Post) 07/02/2008 Flag

Try a shot of carburetor cleaner in the air filter, then try to start it immediatley

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By Sally 16 223 04/04/2009 Flag

(Submitted via email)
Lawn mower has no spark. Tip given was to check the points and replace the coil. My lawn mower does not have Points or Coils. <br />Just thought you may like to know.

<P>By <a href="">Rick B.</a> from Seattle

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By jim 7 06/08/2009 Flag

Hi, to narrow down the problem, spray a shot of starting fluid in the carb and try to start then. If it starts and dies or engine tries to fire, you have a fuel problem. If it does not fire, you have a electrical problem. Try this and go from there. This at least lets you know which way to troubleshoot. Hope this is useful.

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By spurlock small engine 13 09/15/2010 Flag

You could either have a clogged air filter, or a no ground on your dead man switch.
In order for an engine to fire, you need three things: G.A.S. Gas, Air, Spark

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