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Old Doll's Rubber Legs Are Sticky

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I have a doll from the 1950's who's rubber legs have become a little sticky. Is there a way to correct this problem?

By Tricia from Alexandria, VA


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Sticky Doll Disease is a problem from the dolls breaking down. The doll can be releasing toxins like arsenic and asbestos. The doll may also be releasing something that mimics Estrogen in the human body. It is recommended that dolls that are getting sticky and especially melting be thrown away for health reasons. The dolls will eventually break down to nothing in time whether it's in your lifetime or a progenerative is another matter.

By Grandma J [46]10/11/2010

This is the break down of the rubber used in making the doll. It is not plastic, I presume, but the old fashioned rubber baby doll. You can smell the rubber and if you have a latex allergy, this should be sealed in a bag. Scary what we got when we were little! The cleaning is not something to be done with a chemical. Try using regular baby power with corn starch in it. Rub into the doll to help absorb the stickiness.

By StacieLynne10/04/2010

My mother has a doll with a similar problem. The issue (at least in her case) isn't that something sticky has gotten ON the doll, but rather because the doll's legs are made of real not synthetic rubber or plastic. They are melting. So I'd like to know (and maybe this goes to the original posters question as well), how/where do you keep a doll like this so that the legs don't keep melting? My mother's doll was being stored in the basement in a fairly dry climate. I would have thought it was keeping cool enough, but apparently not.

By Lee [4]10/03/2010

You can try Goo Gone. It is great for removing the glue from labels on jars.

By Danialle [3]10/03/2010

Try Goo-Gone. Can be purchased at Wal-Mart.

By susan [33]10/02/2010

Call your local Tupperware dealer. At one party years ago they gave helpful hints to maintain their products, one was for sticky residue left from using oils in their containers. They should be very helpful on your doll crisis. Good luck.

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