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Improving Smell of Cooking Cabbage


Can't stand the aroma of cabbage cooking? Add some ginger to it. It cuts out the sharp smell.

Source: My Irish Grandma making our St. Patrick's Day meal!

By JodiT from Aurora, CO


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Archive: Don't Like the Smell of Cooking Cabbage?

To all of the cooks that don't like the smell of cooking cabbage, here is a very good tip I have used for several years. After you have started sauteing the cabbage lay one or two slices of lite bread on the top of the cabbage. Replace the lid. When you stir the cabbage, lift out the lite bread very carefully as it will tear. After you stirred the cabbage to your satisfaction, replace the light bread. This will absorb the odor of cooking cabbage very effectively. I discard the light bread slices by putting them in a disposable sandwich bag.

Source: Can't remember where this tip came from, but it's great.

By roadgypsygranny from Atmore, AL


RE: Don't Like the Smell of Cooking Cabbage?

That sounds like a good idea. I'm guessing that you don't have a garbage disposal to get rid of the "evidence." A couple of pieces of light bread will all but dissolve completely in water. Save the plastic bag and flush the bread down the toilet. Handy, eh? (03/20/2009)

By Thrifty Me