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Keeping Bags from Falling into the Wastebasket

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Keeping Bags from Falling into the Wastebasket

I try to recycle whenever I can and use the plastic bags that merchandise and food come in from stores for liners in my smaller garbage pails. I found that putting a rubber band around the rim, helps hold the bag from slipping when items get thrown in. Finding the correct size rubber band was like a needle in a haystack and I also found that they get brittle and break often.

I came up with this idea several months ago and have not used a rubber band since. I tried using girl's elastic head bands (you can get a package of 10 at a dollar store) and they work like a charm. They also last a long time. No more breaking or getting your fingers snapped!

By maryeruth from Palm Coast, FL


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By Paulette Gulakowski [7]12/07/2011

Rubber bands slide down the side of my wastebasket (it's narrow on the bottom) so I use several pieces of "poster putty" aka "sticky tac" etc. to hold the bag up. You have to stretch the putty a number of times until it gets warm and then it will stick very well! It unsticks easily for removal and reuse.

I got the idea from a piece of chewing gum stuck to the bag and basket!

By OliveOyl03/24/2011

Tie a knot at the edge of your plastic bag. That makes the opening smaller and it will fit snugly over your small wastebasket. A cleaning lady showed me this.

By Chuck [18]03/23/2011

Elastic bands around girls' heads? Maybe that's one reason they're so crazy! Lower blood circulation to the brain.

By April [185]03/23/2011

We use an elastic waistband from an old pair of underwear on ours!

By Pixiedust7 [7]03/23/2011

I had some extra large rubber bands for a while, until they broke, and couldn't think of anything to replace them with. I tried tying a knot in a cut-off pantyhose leg and using that, but it was ugly & didn't work that great. I love this tip & have put these headbands on my list for my next trip to the dollar store. Thanks!

By HJ [10]03/23/2011

I found a tip on here several years ago about keeping rubber bands in the freezer. Since I have been doing that, they don't get brittle and break nearly as quickly.

The hairband idea is helpful. Thanks.

By Alicia [6]03/23/2011

I save all my old store bags for this purpose. Just tie a knot around the top before putting it in, and smooth the handles down the outside of your trashcan. Then when it needs changed just tie the handles together and add to your nearly full kitchen trash before taking it out. I have a two year old and her job is to get the trash and take it to the kitchen and then she likes to help put the bag back in after we take the trash out. It's fun for her and teaches her good habits. I used forceflex bags in the kitchen and they fit snugly on thier own so no knots needed. But if you buy cheap liners for yours take two seconds to tie a little knot in a corner of the bag. Nothing to buy, nothing to get dirty. Nothing to lose. lol

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