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Johnny Ramone (German Shepard/Lab/Pit Bull Mix)

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Brindle colored dog.

Johnny Ramone is 3 years old. He is a German Shepherd/Lab/Pit Bull mix. I got him at 7 weeks old.

He likes to play, take walks, go under the sprinkler and cool off, retrieve the ball and snuggle and lay under the covers.

He is so strong and beautiful, but gentle and sweet at the same time. He is my best friend.

By Donna from Lindenhurst, NY


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Oh my gosh, I swear that is my dog!

RE: Johnny Ramone (German Shepard/Lab/Pit Bull Mix)

By Pam08/13/2009

He is beautiful and I can tell he is sweet just by the sparkle in his eyes. You are so lucky to have him for a best friend. My dog is my best friend, too.

By Little Suzy [93]08/04/2009

Love the nose. I hope it just looks "big" by the camera angle. LOL! He's a real sweetheart I'm sure.

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