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What are some home remedies for silver tarnish?

Carolyn from New York



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By CharlieRS 2 40 11/20/2007

Ever try catsup? I use it to polish copper bottom pans also.

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By LeAnn Purdy 2 11/20/2007

This link will tell you how to clean it instantly with aluminum foil, baking soda and I believe salt


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By Brandy (Guest Post) 03/10/2008

Take a plastic or non-reactive dish. Place aluminum foil in the bottom. Add warm water, and some dishwasher powder. Add the silver item, make sure it is ON the foil. Wait a few minutes, up to 15, take the item out. The slimy slippery feel is the tarnish! Rinse and wipe under running water, and marvel at the difference!

I also use Blitz! cloths, they are amazing!

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By Kelly 10/22/2010

I read the remedies for getting tarnish off silver on this site. I used the remedy of lining a pan with aluminum foil, place the silver necklace on the aluminum foil, pour boiling water over the necklace, and added about 1/2 cup of baking soda. It worked great and the necklace was back to shiny silver within about 2 minutes! It worked much faster than I thought it would. The hint that I would like to give for this process: Make sure that the silver touches the aluminum foil without any baking soda under it.

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