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Decorating a Rainbow Tea Table

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Rainbow Tea Table

Decorating a table for your next rainbow tea is fun, as you plan to incorporate the color and its meaning into the event. This is a guide about decorating a rainbow tea table.



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Question: Decorating a Rainbow Tea Table

My church has choose me to be a leader for a rainbow tea party. I have never been to a rainbow tea party. My color is gold and I need all the help I can get. This party is in a couple weeks so please respond soon.

God Bless,
Torri from Houston. TX


Most Recent Answer

By Lagolia P.11/13/2014

Hi. My color is brown. What kind of food could I have?

Question: Decorating a White Rainbow Tea Table

My color is white and I have 3 days to figure out decorations and food. Can you please give me some ideas?

By Audra


Most Recent Answer

By jean leiner [14]09/17/2014

White table cloth and napkins, angel figures in white robes or white flowers in a clear or white vase as centerpiece, clouds made from pillow stuffing, angel food cake with whipped cream, chicken salad /cream cheese finger sandwiches on white bread, vanilla ice cream, white grape juice/milk to drink, deviled eggs.

Solutions: Decorating a Rainbow Tea Table

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