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White Vinegar Instead of Jet-Dry

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Would vinegar hurt a stainless steel dishwasher? Would it be good to use instead of Jet Dry? What kind of vinegar would do best with the dishwasher? It is a Bosch dishwasher.

By Carol from San Juan Capistrano, CA


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By Beth [25]10/26/2010

I have a KitchenAide stainless dishwasher. I always use vinegar as the rinse agent and I have had this workhorse for 10 years now.

By Elizabeth10/26/2010

I only use white vinegar in my dishwasher every two months to clean any mineral build up. I do not wash any dishes in this cleaning cycle and do not use the heated dry setting.

By Irmgard A. Meyer [14]10/23/2010

I have used white vinegar for years, just love it!

By Marjorie C. Woodworth [82]10/22/2010

Read the Archives at the bottom of this page. I don't believe white vinegar will hurt your stainless dishwasher at all. I always use vinegar to clean the inside of my stainless steel pots and frying pans. Look at all the chemicals that are used to make Jet-Dry and dishwasher detergents.


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Archive: White Vinegar instead of Jet-Dry

Use white vinegar as you rinse aid in your dishwasher instead of the costly Jet-dry, etc. for sparkling dishes!

Instead of Jet Dry

In place of Jet Dry in your dishwasher fill the reservoir with white vinegar. It does the same job everything sparkles! It's also much cheaper! By cori (04/01/2005)

RE: White Vinegar instead of Jet-Dry

Wouldn't the acidity in the vinegar eventually cause problems in the reservoir? (04/02/2005)

By Holly

RE: White Vinegar instead of Jet-Dry

I've tried this and it doesn't work at all for me. we live in an area that has very hard water though, maybe that's why. (04/02/2005)

By alic65

RE: White Vinegar instead of Jet-Dry

I tried this and it works beautifully! Our hard water scum dissolved after 2-3 washes with vinegar in the jet-dry dispenser. Much cheaper too! (06/18/2005)

By Sarah

RE: White Vinegar instead of Jet-Dry

The acidity of vinegar is mild compared to most commercial hard-water scum removers, so I'm guessing this wouldn't be an issue in the jet-dry reservoir. Also, my white vinegar comes in a plastic bottle, and it's never cracked or discolored. (06/18/2005)

RE: White Vinegar instead of Jet-Dry

I'm going to give this a try!!! Jet-Dry is getting so expensive!!! (01/17/2007)

By mobo

RE: White Vinegar instead of Jet-Dry

Does anyone know what ingredients are in Jet-Dry? I have recently been looking into what chemicals are in my home and I cannot find any info on Jet-Dry... White vinegar sounds like an excellent, green, healthy alternative! (02/05/2008)

By Kathy

RE: White Vinegar instead of Jet-Dry

I was looking at some on-line resource for Material Safety Data Sheets. I don't know all the chemical terminology, but the health risk factor for jet-dry was rated : severe. (02/05/2008)

By Gertie

RE: White Vinegar instead of Jet-Dry

There's a reason the Jet Dry powder is labeled "severe" in terms of health effects- it's a powder, and therefore much more concentrated than the liquid. The liquid stuff is given a "1" on the 1-4 scale, while the powder is rated "3."

The powder is about 1/2 citric acid- a mild acid that lots of people use for cleaning. But it's about 20% sulfamic acid, which is a pretty strong acid that is wonderful for cleaning. "Zepp" and some other sprays are loaded with sulfamic acid so they can power away soap buildup.

By the time the dishwasher cycle is done, only trace amounts would be left- nothing harmful. (05/18/2008)

By Stu

RE: White Vinegar instead of Jet-Dry

I like the idea of using White Vinegar, but how much does the reservoir hold? It seems like when I was putting the jet dry in, it would just keep pouring and pouring and pouring.... (05/30/2008)

By Ever Frugal

RE: White Vinegar instead of Jet-Dry

I looked up the ingredients of Jet-Dry and they are citric acid and sulfamic acid (used in drug manufacturing and as a descaling agent in cleansers), both are natural compounds which can cause burning if ingested in high concentrations. (So don't store the pretty liquid or powder where children can reach it). I have used both Jet Dry and vinegar in the rinse agent compartment of my dishwasher. Vinegar makes a good effort, but can't completely combat the effects of my hard water in removing all the soap in the rinse cycle. I'm going back to the hard stuff, now that I know what it is made of. (01/29/2009)

By chiafam

Archive: White Vinegar Instead of Jet-Dry

Jet Dry is often rather expensive to use in the dishwasher. Plain white vinegar will also do the job. You will go through more vinegar that Jet Dry but it's a lot cheaper!

By dpn from Turtle Lake, WI

RE: White Vinegar Instead of Jet-Dry

I have been doing this for years and we have hard water. Works great!! When I start to see the white spots again, I know it's time to refill. (03/31/2009)

By freebyrdz

RE: White Vinegar Instead of Jet-Dry

Vinegar is the best stuff. It have even cleaned out my dishwasher. I also used it in my oven the other day and let the steam clean my oven. and it looks cleaner than it ever did. I have to pour it on directly to get some of the baked on stuff off and let it heat up in the oven for about 30 minutes but it came right up so easy with a paint scrapper and it is much better for the environment than using oven cleaner. (03/31/2009)

By momma2many

RE: White Vinegar Instead of Jet-Dry

DO NOT DO THIS! I tried it, and it worked well for several months, until I noticed that it was stripping the finish off my dishes. It quickly removed all the designs from plastic cups and glasses, which I didn't mind so much. However, now all of my Pfaltfzgraff plates and bowls are ruined because it stripped the glaze off them. They are now chalky and soak up liquid. (08/13/2009)

By gruen

Archive: White Vinegar Instead of Jet-Dry

Pour vinegar in to the tiny compartment in the dishwasher, to save a lot of money and it works better and best for the drains!

By 6956 from Elm Creek, NE

RE: White Vinegar Instead of Jet-Dry

Bless your heart because not only is that less expensive, but it's also better for our environment! As long as you're careful how much and how often and what dishes you're placing in the dishwasher when using it (vinegar can be corrosive over time) this is great! (01/21/2010)

By Deeli

RE: White Vinegar Instead of Jet-Dry

DO NOT DO THIS! I was all for saving money and now in the end I have ruined everything and cost myself more money.

We used vinegar for about a week in the rinse aid. Everything started turning white. My nice pot/pan set was ruined inside and out, they would never come clean. My spatulas and spoons did the same thing. My glasses were so dirty it was disgusting.

We never had any issues til we used the vinegar. After trying 100 million things we got most the vinegar out, but for some reason we still end up with white spots all over our dishes and my brand new pot/pan set is already getting ruined after 3 washes. So not worth it, trust me! (05/16/2010)

By valbug03

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