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I'm 13 and I want a Japanese style room but I have a small room. Red and blacks would darken my small room. How should I decorate my room?




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By falula (Guest Post) 08/11/2006

print out your name or a phrase that means something to you on the computer onto normal printer paper. then, instead of cutting it out, tear the paper into a oval like shape but make it look realistically wripped. give the paper a aged look by soaking it into coffee for 20 minuted. then use a match/lighter and burn the edges slightly. i did this, and framed it for a older, personal touch

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By (Guest Post) 03/17/2007

A true classic Japanese room was a tatami room with tatami mats on the floor (You can find tatami beach mats) a bed that rolls up and very sparse furnishings - with rice paper sliding doors - and a scroll and a flower arrangement and maybe some stacking shelves. Minimalist modern design is inspired by it. Rent a video of any Kurosawa film to get a sense...You can get any of these sort of items from 99 cent stores - and/or places like Pier One (look for sales & bargain items.) You could cover your lighting fixtures with paper folding shades - & use black as an accent color - remember less is more. (Red & black is more of a Chinese motif.)

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By lee (Guest Post) 03/19/2007

I have a Japanese theme area and i love it. I have 2 room dividers with lights behind them, a water fall with flowers going in to it.lots of flowers and japanese pots. Lights that shine down on a white swan and yellow flowers. I also have a fogger light in there and lots of candles, So when i feel i need to get away , I shut the lights off and enjoy my garden.
I live in canada and im 30 mins away from Toronto where you can get any thing in china town.I also find item every where. have to keep your eyes open at all times

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By jess (Guest Post) 03/20/2007

I have a friend who painted her bedroom a grassy green color. They then went to china town (they live in chicago) and bought inexpensive wall hangings that went with the grassy color. It was very pretty.

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By Taylor (Guest Post) 07/26/2007

Hi, I am 13 and i need ideas for a japanese style bedroom. My room is very tiny and my budget is low.

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By me (Guest Post) 07/26/2007

i am also doing an oriental themed room rigth now and i found this really cool website called asianideas.com and it has alot of cool inexpencive decorations plus i have a modern styl computer desk in my room and i dont know how to make it have and oriental theme to it can someone please help?!!

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By Batoe Narasaki (Guest Post) 02/19/2008

I'm trying to get a Japanese themed room as well and the easiest way to make the biggest difference is to get tatami mats covering your entire floor. http://www.tatamiroom.com sells tatami mats and custom cuts are available to get perfect measurements for your room. You may also want to paint your room different colors and paint kanji on the walls and stuff, put fans up, get rice paper room dividers and rice paper sliding doors and such, hope this helps, if you want more help e-mail me at vegaslrm(at)yahoo(dot)com

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By Mum (Guest Post) 03/28/2008

I did an Asian themed room for my daughter for Christmas. I, too, didn't want the dark red and black, so I found a pretty bed cover set (at Target) in blue satin with Japanese ladies printed on it in reds and pinks. We then painted a dark cerise colour 1/3 up the wall and added a wallpaper border of Japanese fans. I bought a parasol from a cheapie shop and hung it above the bed. Finally, we bought an open backed cube bookcase for all her toys and books and a bamboo blind for the window. She had pair of Japanese style pyjamas she had grown out of so they are hanging on the wall. Another idea is to photocopy a picture you like and frame it for art.

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By LEXUS (Guest Post) 07/03/2008

Hi I'm Lexus I want one too but I'm 10. Will I have a good budget or tell me a good budget.

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By Jade-- Age 12 (Guest Post) 07/14/2008

If you want a more festive Japanese style room, you can look up how to fold cranes or other origami, and then string them. For an additional touch, you can add a small tassle on the end. Then you can hang these anywhere in your room.

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By Sylvia (Guest Post) 01/13/2009

Great read all of these and wrote notes for my living room great love it keep up the good work, Thirfty Fun

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Question: Japanese Themed Room Ideas

I was wondering how to decorate my room, Japanese themed. Any good decorating and furniture ideas? I'd like to keep it sweet and simple, but still have the Japanese touch that's creative. Any ideas?

By A.L from WI

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Archive: Japanese Theme Room

I'm 13 and want a Japanese style room! But I have the smallest budget in the world! I would like to know how to update my room. Ruki

RE: Japanese Theme Room

Hi Ruki,

First, go online or to the library for books so you can have photos for visuals. If you go online, go to Google and type in "Japanese bedroom" or "Japanese-style bedroom", choose the images option and see what comes up.

I think I've seen Japanese beds on the floor and that's probably the first and easiest thing to change. Simply take your mattress off the frame and put it on the floor. Maybe put an area rug under it first (that's wide enough on all sides if that seems more comfortable... (06/23/2006)

By Bliss

RE: Japanese Theme Room

Walmart has bamboo window shades. You could hang them as is or add some Japanese characters with a stamp or painted by hand. Try a local Oriental Market for paper lamps, tea sets, dolls, wall hangings, art prints, etc. Go red! Paint your walls red (if you are allowed) or maybe just one accent wall. Buy a fake potted bamboo or ficus. Put a papasan chair in the corner of your room. Look at yard sales for these. I wanted one really badly when I was younger, but they were over $100 at Pier One. I found a slightly used one at a yard sale for $10. Or buy a wicker chair and put a silk or satin pillow on it. Go to a fabric store and buy small amounts of fabrics that look Asian and make pillows. If you use these to accent even a plain black or red comforter, they will help develop your theme. If you find an Asian garment (a silk robe or cheongsam) frame it or just hang it on a padded satin hanger and use it as wall art. Asian restaurants sometimes give away nice calendars that have usable art. Just cut away the calendar part and frame the art in dollar store frames. Good luck with your room. (06/25/2006)

By thriftyboo

RE: Japanese Theme Room

Try dollar stores, Dollar General, Big Lots/Odd Lots, If you live in the Southeastern part of the US, you know these stores. In dollar stores I see some Japanese fans every now and then. If you are looking for material, try the scrap bins at material stores, or ask the sales clerk for the discounted bolts of material. Also, ask friends, maybe they can swap a Japanese theme item for something you have..? (06/27/2006)

By KLS8800

RE: Japanese Theme Room

Paint is the easiest and usually least expensive way to make a major change in a room. check out the "mistake" bin at the local hardware. black lacquer is a classic oriental accent. paint your headboard or side tables with it. with permission, paint your woodwork black. then as you can, you can get curtains or bedding with oriental themes. there is also a sand painting/garden. put some trim on the top of an existing table or dresser. paint to match. pour an inch or so of sand in. add some nice pebbles or shells. take a wide tooth comb and make designs in the sand. you can change the design every day. this is a great stress reliever too. plain sand is classic but for a splash of color you could use colored sand. (06/27/2006)

By Carla

RE: Japanese Theme Room

Take some paper (red, gold or green) and paint japenese symbols on them. Put three or four of them together in a pattern on the wall looks beautiful. I'm thirteen as well, and I have a terrible time with my parents on the subject of my room. As long as there's a bed, it's a bedroom! (08/04/2006)

By Anna

RE: Japanese Theme Room

When I lived in Hawaii I would buy those really inexpensive Japanese hand fans and open them (and then secure them with the little piece you can use to hold them open or close them) and hang them up on the wall with just a nail to balance them.

I also bought some flat badsheets with an oriental theme and made simple curtains out of them. All I really had to do was hem up one end with a spot to slip the curtian rod through. You can find some really pretty Japanese jewelry boxes on eBay to use an an accent piece. (08/05/2006)

By SkyeBlue

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