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Removing Gum From Leather Car Seat


How can I get gum off of a leather seat in my car?

Tammy from FL



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By Patricia Huggins 1 1 01/25/2008

I woud try freezing the gum first with ice or another implement which will not wet the leather .
Once frozen you should you should be able to pick it off with your finger nail.
Hope this works! I've done this to remove gum in many "sticky" spots. Good luck

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By lindajean. (Guest Post) 02/02/2008

I'd be afraid to pick the frozen gum off the leather--it might take the color/finish off the leather. What about using the leather cream since oily stuff (mayonaise, peanut butter, etc.) is good for removing gum from hair, etc.

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By Metaholic (Guest Post) 02/03/2008

I tried the baby oil, and the ice pack, and after almost 10 minutes of hard work thought about something else.

I put very hot water in a nylon pack, and only 30 seconds after placing them on the gum, is completely dissolved! It even partially came out with the bag. 2 minutes later I was done.

Judging from this effect, against the common advice, I'd bet chicken soup causes cancer.:)

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By Jowita (Guest Post) 02/22/2008

I would try using a product called Goo Gone first(can't do any harm to your leather seat) it also works great for removing old stickers on your windshield and much more.

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By Sheila Cathers 1 03/11/2008

I tried metaholics' advice of using the hot water. it really worked! I didn't have a nylon bag, but I boiled some water and used an old towel/rag. I laid the rag on the seat, poured a small amount the the boiling water on, left it for about 30 seconds. (Iput on my rubber dish gloves so I could hold the rag and scrub). with a little rubbing, it came off. I think the heat melts it enough to where it's soft enough to come off. Thanks !!!

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By B-Man (Guest Post) 07/15/2008

I found scotch tape worked well on my leather seat (also highly endorsed by a Lamborgini owner.) Just treat it like you're waxing... ;o

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By ryan (Guest Post) 10/26/2008

I found that if you spray some armour all on the gum and let that sit for about 30 seconds and then scratch the gum off with your finger nail it won't damage the leather or take much of your time!

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By Descarado (Guest Post) 12/01/2008

After reading the I'd try's in this form, I tried ended up trying two of them. First the Scotch Tape: worked well on the areas with very little gum, but in one area, removed the leather finish. Next the <b>hot water: worked great. I used a paper towel instead a cloth rag or nylon bag.

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By Rei Shinozuka 1 1 07/12/2009

In the "gum on leather couch" a number of vegetable oils were recommended. I had very fresh gum (my 7 year old's) on my Corvette leather seat. No idea what would work best.

The vegetable oil solution worked perfectly! Put some on a paper towel, and work into the gum. Soon it softens the gum up, and then just starts to lift gum without smearing or spreading, which is what usually happens when you try to remove it. Thank you Thrifty Fun!

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