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Cole Bowman Oil Painting

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I am looking for the value of an original Cole Bowman oil painting. I can't find much info about him online.

By artihips from Ottawa, Ontario


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By deafartist10/03/2014

I have a Bowman too. I just pulled the nails and took of the ornate outside frame and is gorgeous! Gives it A whole new modern look.

By Gladys Michael03/12/2011

In response to your questions. On Mar 11/11 a painting by CB was posted ON KIJIJI for $200. I believe I also have a painting of his which I purchased at the auction in Victoria BC. I would be interested to hear if you think this is also done by CB as I just have the name Bowman on mine.

RE: Cole Bowman Oil Painting


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Question: Finding the Value of Cole Bowman Artwork

I am trying to find information on paintings by Cole Bowman, a Canadian artist. I can't find any information on the value of his work. I have two pieces which I'm interested in selling.
Ottawa Valley
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By Cher

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