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Using King Size Comforter on Queen Bed

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We bought a king size quilt because queens are never big enough. How can I "hem" up the sides and still have it look nice?

By Darcie from WI


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By Linda Smith04/06/2011

If it's actually too long I wouldn't hem the sides. I'd take it out of the middle so that way you'd have your clean edges and a smaller, easier cut that you could line up as your center of the cover, personally I like my king on the queen as it doesn't touch the floor but it does come close to the floor. Hubby twists and turns all night so he uncovers me. This way I have something to hold onto so I don't get uncovered. Good luck.

By lisa Hegewald [3]09/09/2009

We always use a King comforter on our Queen bed. We turn it sideways so there is more to hang over the sides. Then if he rolls, I am still covered :)

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [429]09/09/2009

Orthopedics specialists say a bed should allow you to get out of it without using your knees, so raising your bed fixes two problems. Your bed is higher, allowing you to get in and out easier, and the higher it is, the more the king will fit on the queen. You can get bed raisers for about 15.00 at Big Lots, Walmart or most department stores.

RE: Using King Size Comforter on Queen Bed

By Beth [25]09/09/2009

Of course, it will just hang over a little bit further.

By Joan [13]09/07/2009

My complaint is I wish they would make the actual bedspreads as pretty as the comforter sets are. I really hate having to mess around with the comforter, bedskirt, and shams.

By Laure Sullivan [8]09/07/2009

Definitely! I prefer a King on a Queen sized bed. The problem I have is finding a big enough comforter for my King bed.

By Frances Adams [11]09/07/2009

I have a king size bed, and that is my main complaint about them. They only fit just a little past the top of the mattress! I use Queen size blankets, comforter on the guest bedroom double-bed, and they fit much better. I am sure that a king comforter on a queen bed would be great!

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