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Sharpie on Carpet


How do I get black and green sharpie out of a carpet?

By Raparicio1


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By paula 19 82 08/21/2009 Flag

I have never tried this on carpet so you may want to to a color test first. I have used it on hard surfaces and on t-shirts. I totally saturate the spot with Lysol air freshner and disinfecting spray. ( The one thats been around for years.) If on a hard surface I just swipe it with a paper towel if on clothing I blot with a white cloth until absorbed. On cloth it sometimes take repeated sprays.

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By AmericasHorse 1 10/23/2010 Flag

We just used the Magic Eraser on the Sharpie my son used on his carpet in 2 different areas, and it did wonderful!

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Archive: Sharpie on Carpet

How do I get blue Sharpie out of rose colored carpet?

Chris from MO


RE: Sharpie on Carpet

I'd try one of those Magic Erasers. They got a stain out of my carpet that I had before I moved in more than 6 years ago. Dollar stores carry them and that is where I bought mine. Good luck. (10/24/2005)

By Rene'

RE: Sharpie on Carpet

You will not believe how a carpet cleaner called "Spot Shot" got latex paint out of my carpet. It removes everything I have ever tried it on. It comes in a blue and orange can and you can buy it at Wal-Mart and most grocery stores. (10/26/2005)

By Marn

RE: Sharpie on Carpet

Pump Hair Spray took Black Sharpie marker out of white carpet, off particle board entertainment center and medium oak stained dining room chairs. No stain remained after wipe up. (01/01/2006)

By StaceyT

RE: Sharpie on Carpet

Get Acetone and dab some onto a rag then place on area and stand on it, then repeat as many times as possible, stand on it for about 2 minutes then repeat. (12/10/2006)

By Caitlin

RE: Sharpie on Carpet

Yes, Suave Hairspray worked great on Black Sharpie, and Max Hold should keep carpet in place even on a windy day. (06/17/2007)

By Jeff

RE: Sharpie on Carpet

Windex works really well, too. (10/04/2007)

By Michelle

RE: Sharpie on Carpet

My daughter just colored on our light blue carpet (not shag) with a red sharpie. I read some of the responses here and did a few things.

  1. I tried a baby wipe. That's what takes Sharpie off of skin slick as a whistle. But, on carpet, all it did was smear it.

  2. So, I tried the Windex, it worked a bit better. Then I ran out of Windex.

  3. So, looking for something with ammonia in it (like Windex), I used Armstrong Floor Cleaner. I saturated the area and then pressed down with a towel. Once all of the marks were up, I rubbed with the towel.
Voila. It's out. Thank goodness. (02/11/2008)

By Amy V.

RE: Sharpie on Carpet

Rubbing Alcohol did the trick with red sharpie and white carpet for me. And the carpet was really old, too. The alcohol is probably what makes hairspray work. (04/02/2008)

By Brandy

RE: Sharpie on Carpet

Absolutely wonderful advice. This worked, it takes quite a bit of time and muscle to scrub it out, but the Purell did get black sharpie out of our cream colored carpet. Next time, I will not leave the sharpie in the reach of my two year old.

RE: Sharpie on Carpet

I generally use Amodex Ink and Stain Remover on really tough stains. Its actually the product recommended on Sharpie's website. When my daughter wrote on our rug this cream product took it right out. I bought it online, but its available in some stores. (01/30/2009)

By homemom29

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