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New and Transferred Prescriptions Incentives


To get some bang for your expensive prescription bucks, you may want to transfer some prescriptions to your local Kmart. They are having a special offer right now in which you can receive up to four $25 gift cards (one for each new or transferred RX) between now and April 10, 2010. If interested, contact your local Kmart. I have taken advantage of this offer myself and have received $75.00 in gift certificates so far!

By LoracMc from Iowa


By Lelia Jo Cordell 51 1,936 02/25/2010 Flag

Thanks for the info! I don't do this myself, but I have a friend who does. As soon as I saw your post I called her!

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Archive: New and Transferred Prescriptions Incentives

Target, CVS and a few other stores offer a store shopping card (incentive) when you bring in a new prescription or transfer a prescription from another store. I take medication before dental appointments and the cost of the prescription was .65 cents with prescription plan at a local pharmacy.

I had filled a new prescription at Target a while back and got a $10.00 shopping card. Then later when CVS had an incentive for new or transferred prescriptions I got a $25.00 shopping card. The register receipt also had a coupon attached, spend $15.00 and get $3.00 off. $28.00 is nothing to sneeze at!

It pays to watch for these ads if you fill prescriptions at local pharmacies.

Tip: You must transfer a prescription from a different store.

By Syd


RE Prescription savings

My husband has to take morphine and many expensive medications due to a neurological disease called arachnoiditis, we are still praying for more miracles, as we have had many already. We live in the Seattle/Bellevue,Washington area, and have found out that some of the pharmacies here will match Costco's lowest price quote. The two I know are Rite Aide and Fred Meyer, could be other names, but it does not hurt to ask your pharmacy. It saves us sooooo much.Hope it helps someone. (11/25/2005)

By Kersti

RE: New and Transferred Prescriptions Incentives

Most Pharmacies I've encountered are happy to comply with other stores coupons but are sticklers for EXACTLY what the coupon says so make sure you're within the parameters of the coupon before trying to use it. Also a friend of mine ran into the issue of if your prescription is paid for in any way by the government such as Medicare they by law are not allowed to honor the request. Apparently the pharmacy can get into a bunch of trouble if they do. (12/13/2006)

By RieB