Measuring Oil as a Substitute for Shortening


How do I convert 3/4 cup shortening to oil?

By Glenna


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By Jill 4 738 04/07/2011

I believe they would substitute the same, as far as measure; BUT you won't necessarily get the same result with whatever you're cooking! Certainly worth a try, unless you need to be sure your food comes out PERFECT for some reason. If you're baking, it might be flat or otherwise wonky...

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To substitute shortening with oil is a 3 (oil) to 4 (shortening) ratio. Since the recipe asks for 3/4 cup shortening you will need 1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon of oil. Please note that using oil instead of the shortening called for in a recipe in baking items such as cakes, cookies or pastries will cause the items to be more dense (less fluffy).

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How much oil do you use for 1 cup of shortening?

By Linda from Carl Junction, MO

RE: Measuring Oil as a Substitute for Shortening

You can use 2/3 cup oil for 1 cup of shortening. (10/18/2010)

By Omanana

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