K-9 Advantix Reviews

Product: K-9 Advantix

Model: For Dogs 80+ lbs

Manufacturer: Bayer

Request: I would like to know if anyone has used K-9 Advantix AFTER using the Frontline for dogs (any size.) Does it work faster than the Frontline Plus? And is the price comparable or much more?

Kelly from Willamina, OR

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I can only tell you my experience, my vet, for some reason...stopped carrying the Frontline...so the past two seasons I have HAD to use the Advantix...I do not like it as well.

We have comparison shopped on line for these meds and personally find that they are NOT that much cheaper...as stated all the time on TV.

So, if I were given a choice at my Vets, I would chose the Frontline...it seemed to work better on ticks that the Advantix

Hope this is helpful!

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Advantix is awful, and much too expensive. I used Frontline previously, but then I changed vets and they always pushed the Advantix on me. I would spend near $100 and my dog would still get infested with fleas after the applications. I have now switched to a less money-grubbing vet and started getting Frontline at PetCareRX.com. No more fleas.

And if you look up reviews, you will find this is the opinion of many people.


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I use Frontline Plus & like it better than Advantix. I have also checked prices online , not cheap, I buy mine from a feed store, or pet store, more reasonable than vet.

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Thanks everyone....I used Frontline Plus on my dog, and he still scratches alot. I saw one spiderbite on him (not bad) and we have such an abundance of numerous pests! I was looking at the advertisements and thought about switching after this three month regiment, but maybe now I won't....We have a Wilco/Ace Hardware feed store that sells Frontline Plus for $50, which I thought was a good deal, considering the Good Housekeeping Seal and his size (95 #)

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I have always used Frontline Plus and it works very well for my 2 pooches. I buy it online at 1-800-Petmeds. They have free shipping for orders over $39 and their prices are usually the best; way cheaper than the vet. You don't need a prescription to buy this product. My dogs are both around 80 lb. I buy the 3 pack for around $35.00

Marcie in Wisconsin

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I've used both on and off and although I hear the commercials and others reviews, honestly I haven't seen much difference between the two. I choose Advantix during the spring and summer because I have two large outside dogs and I worried about the mosquitos with them. Frontline Plus doesn't offer that protection and Advantix does so it gave me more peace of mind (whether real or imagined!) using Advantix for the outside dogs. I also treat the yard too a couple of times during these months.

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Our dog is already infested with fleas. We have sprayed the house, given her several flea baths and used Frontline Plus on her and the fleas won't stop. Yesterday, I put Advantix on her and gave her a Capstar pill. It's a little better than it was with the Frontline Plus...

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I just started using advantix because of the lower cost than fronline, however my dog has been on it now for several weeks and I continue to find ticks on her. I have a feeling it does not work as systemically as frontline plus.

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I spent a good part of the summer trying to get rid of the fleas on my Chocolate Lab, my Golden Retriever, and my two cats to no avail. I used Frontline Plus, Happy Jack Flea dip, and flea shampoo. I was having to shampoo the dogs at least once a week and they still had fleas. I finally decided to try K-9 Advantix. One application and the dogs and the cats did not have any fleas the next day. I repeated the application a month later even though they still didn't have fleas. I only wish I had found this sooner. My dogs don't scratch anymore, and I don't have to worry about finding fleas jumping on my two year old daughter anymore. We don't have a problem with ticks, so I can't speak as to how it works with ticks.

I also discovered www.drsfostersmith.com which sells this product (and more) cheaper than 1-800-PetMeds and other sites. In fact, the K-9 Advantix for dogs over 55 lbs. is $19.50 cheaper than at 1-800-PetMeds. They show their price and other prices on their web site. I went to the other sites and their quotes were correct.

BTW, I got the Advantix for cats for my felines. I thought I would mention that before someone thought I used dog stuff on them!

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Just started k-9 advantix 2 months ago. My dog is fixing to be 2 years old and never gets sick. Twice now late in the evening after her dosage my dog has started vomiting. I tried looking at the paperwork that comes in the box but nothing on side effects. Anyone else notice these symptoms in their dog?

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Advantaix is superior to the competition. It has a broader range of kill and seems to be more effective against fleas and using consistantly, removes fleas from the house environment. It is worth the extra $

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Used K9 Advantix less than 2 weeks ago and my dogs still have fleas.

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I have used both products with my dogs. Being a breeder I need something safe for Pregnant and Lactating females and Frontline is not safe for them. I can use the Advantix with no fear of harm coming to my newborns. I have no complaints with the Advantix and I have had great results. I am out in the woods and while using the Advantix I haven't had any problems with ticks nor fleas.

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I used Frontline Plus for years. Last year it didn't phase the fleas and apparently not the ticks. Three of my dogs came down with a tick borne disease last summer and two of them didn't recover. They had Frontline Plus on continuously. Frontline Plus didn't work for anyone I talked to last year. My vet had me use Frontline Plus and Advantage on 2 wk intervals last summer but Capstar is the only thing that helped. This year I'm trying Advantix because my horse vet recommended it. I wonder if the pests get immune to whichever one you use for a long time. I'm keeping Capstar on hand in the future!

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I have not had any luck with Frontline but have had good luck with k9 Advantix on my 3 dogs for the past few years, except lately. I bought K9 Advantix from two companies off the Inet, one in Canada and one "big name" distributor in the US. Neither of those products killed fleas as it always had before. I'm suspecting I was sold counterfeit medicines since neither one of those applications has had any effect on my dogs whatsoever. I think it proves the old adage "you get what you pay for". From now on, I'm buying K9 Advantix from my Vet to ensure I'm getting the real thing.

One footnote: One of dogs has a slight reaction to the medicine that results in him constantly shaking his ears after an application. He hasn't shook his ears after using the stuff I ordered on the Inet. I wonder if others may have noticed the same thing on their pets?

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I made one of my 2 standard poodles so sick using K9 ADVANTIX. He had smelly red crusty sores from itching, even in his sleep. After reading more reviews, I have bathed him with Dawn and am giving him Benadryl 25 mg and have ordered Advantage for future use. I am so thankful to people who take time to post.

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We tried advantix on our yorkie and it worked for a few days, then she had even more fleas than she'd had before. Just tried nature's defense, we're not sure if it'll work in the long run but so far so good.

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My 8year old Husky after having advantics applied had siezures for days after hundreds of dollars in blood testes nothing showed up, now its been weeks and she is recovering and returning to normal has anyone else had this problem?

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Advantix is awful and caused side effects in my dog. Do your research. Advantix is terrible for your pet.

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Here I sit with my 1 1/2 year old Japanese Chin 8 hours after Advantix application.

When the time came for us to have quiet time, she came to my lap and I noticed she was shivering and staring into space. She is now hyper and will not rest, even though it is 3am.

She continues to shiver and prance, holding her tail awkwardly. Another oddity is when I pet her she jerks her legs. There were no other variables to her day. I became concerned and searched if this med has reputation for causing adversities. YES! Please read about the effects beforehand and your will find other reports of reactions!


Everyone needs to report their reactions to the FDA, Here is the link


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I used this product on my 5 yr. old Golden and within 5 minutes he had a full blown seizure and another one later that night. This product is AWFUL! Do not use!

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I've been using the Advantix on my dog for almost 2 months and I love it. I used frontline in the past and didnt work, she kept having fleas. Advantix is GREAT!

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You know that first it was Advantage then Frontline then Frontline Plus then Advantix and next year there will be something stronger because the fleas become immune to it the same way that penicillin doesn't work and what effect does it have on our dogs month after month putting this chemical on there body that goes into the blood stream?

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I have been using K-9 Advantix for 8 months now and have had no fleas, no adverse reactions. I am now trying the Advantix Multi, never knew it was for heartworm too.

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I foster and re home a lot of dogs. We had some issues with Frontline (and I noticed it had an unpleasant odor) in that fleas soon reappeared within days of application. I live in an area where there are a LOT of fleas and ticks (South Florida) due to the humid and moist conditions. I treat our yard monthly with Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer for Soil and Turf (available at Lowe's or Home Depot) at the cost of $13 for a 20 pound bag - (spread it on thick). I also mist the dogs' feet with Adams Flea and Tick Spray when they're going outside because then they don't get the fleas and ticks crawling up into their toes.

Lastly, I use Advantix only I buy the larger size and split it between two dogs and I use it every two weeks because I bathe the dogs that often (like right now I have a standard poodle puppy and a silky terrier puppy, both about 5 months old). I do not have a problem with fleas and ticks on the dogs or in the yard or in the home as a result of a multi-defense system. I have used all products and prefer Advantix because it works very well. On another note, I do give Heartguard chewables for heartworm because I want to be SURE that the dogs are protected from heartworm and I also worm bi-monthly to prevent roundworms which humans can get - and it causes blindness in children - and is very common.

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Advantix is the best for fleas if used properly. It has to be used according to a dogs weight. I've had no problem with it. Neither my German Shepard nor my toy poodle has fleas now. Frontline kept them loaded with fleas and was a waste of money. Advantix did not make them ill. I read the directions.

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First, a response to Michael H.:

Imidacloprid is an insecticidal agent in K9 Advantix.

It is supplied as a topical solution that collects in the oils of the skin and in hair follicles. It is not absorbed into the body and DOES NOT CIRCULATE THROUGH THE BLOODSTREAM.

For those of you who are not seeing results, if you purchased the product from a merchant that isn't a Bayer recognized distributor, you may not be getting the "real" K9 Advantix, thus not seeing results.

I had this problem when I went shopping on the internet to save money too, and my dog had a really adverse reaction. Since buying from my vet, I did not have the same problems.

Many dogs have severe adverse reactions to this product, which are probably allergic reactions. These folks should obviously not use this product. Unfortunately the only way to find out if the dog is allergic, is to try the product.

My dog gets really itchy for 3-7 days after application. Those of you who have seen posts describing "acting strange,wiggling around, shaking their hind legs, chewing", etc, this is because they are itchy. Sometimes an oatmeal shampoo or tea tree oil bath (more than 48 hours after application) helps ease the itching.

K9 Advantix is the most broad spectrum topical, giving you the most for your money.

It kills FLEAS, their larvae and eggs that come into contact with the dog. If you treat the dog and not his surroundings, you will not get rid of your flea problem.

It kills TICKS on contact. I had to treat my dog with antibiotics (which are toxic to their immune system) for Lyme disease. I have what I believe to be the lesser of two evils by putting a non-absorbed topical on him.

Deer ticks are carriers of other diseases besides Lyme, and now I can walk in the woods with my dog and not have to worry about this problem.

This product also kills MOSQUITOES on contact. No other topical product does this. Anyone living in a non-arid region of the US, now needs to be concerned with WEST NILE VIRUS . If you are outside ANY TIME of the day when it's warm out, mosquitoes bite you and your dog.

I hope this info will help someone.


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This had terrible reaction on my dog. Fleas appeared within days. Now he has hardly any hair on the back half of him where he can reach or rub off on the rungs of my chairs. He looks awful. Didn't take to the vet but gave him oatmeal bath. He's still itchy. Can't tell if he is hyper becasuse he's a Jack Russell and they're always hyper. Went back to Frontline.

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Do not use Advantix! I just called my vet after my dog had a personality change and was itching badly I was told to shampoo him with Dawn. I did it immediately... very very bad product read the box. We all need to get this product off the shelves ASAP!

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My poor Maltese cannot walk and won't eat a thing. It has been 3 days and I have to carry him to go to the bathroom outside. The entire area of application is burned. I have been putting coconut oil on his area and washed him with Dawn. I tried calling Bayer and poison control, but was put on hold for too long. How long does it take to come out of this?

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