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How Do You Flavor Regular Ground Coffee


I love flavored coffee and was wondering if anyone had an inexpensive way to flavor just regular ground coffee. I know you can add cinnamon but I don't know how much to add or if you can add other stuff. So if you know please let me know, I would be ever so grateful.

By Soulegal from Three Rivers, MI


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By PoPo the Po (Guest Post) 11/29/2004

After I put the coffe grounds in the basket, I like to add a capful of vanilla...(French) I have lightly sprinkled cinnamon over the grounds... (Mexican). I have also used orange flavouring or dried orange zest sprinkled on the grounds. Another really tasty and easy mocha drink is to brew your coffee, put a package of instant hot chocolate in your cup, add just a little hot coffee and stir to a mud-like state and then fill with coffee. Some instant cocoa blends are better than others...try experimenting.

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By Camilla (Guest Post) 11/30/2004

Add a little bit of extract (whatever flavor you like) to the brew basket. Experiment to find the flavors you like. You can also add a little bit of brown sugar to the pot before you brew the coffee. As the coffee brews, it will melt the brown sugar and you'll get a sort of toffee coffee.

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By Vi Johnson 286 801 11/30/2004

Do you have a Smart and Final store in your area? They have rows of bottles of flavorings used in the trendy coffee/tea houses.Davinci Gourmet sugar free syrup is one,directions on the bottle. They were about $3.99 when I bought some.They were also sold at TJ Max for about $6.00. S&F had a much larger choice of flavors.And it a makes a really nice gift for people who like that kind of thing. Just put them in fancy cloth bags,available at the 99cent store. Happy coffee/tea drinking. GG Vi

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By Debra in Colorado (Guest Post) 12/01/2004

I made flavored coffees just a couple of years ago for christmas I took one small can of coffee and add one whole bottle of Black Walnut Flaworing and half a bottle of Almond. I mixed it well and filled jars with it and let them set for a couple of weeks. Everyone that I gave them too raved. I don't drink coffee so I don't know but I figure I got to glass canisters from one can of coffee so the cost was about three dollars for the two canisters of flavored coffee.

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By Marilyn 36 12/06/2004

I just started doing the cinnamon in our coffee. I began with just a little bit sprinkled on the grounds & with each pot added more till I reached the right amount of flavor that we liked.

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By ChllyWlly (Guest Post) 12/23/2004

For my 4 cup machine, I add approximately 1 - 1.5 tsp of vanilla extract to the dry grounds and then turn the machine on. Sometimes I add a few drops right into my mug instead (say, if I use a French Roast or anything other than regular).

Same goes for almost any flavored extract.

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By KitchenWitch (Guest Post) 03/16/2007

I buy whole bean coffee; when I grind it, I toss in toasted almonds and dried blueberries, then add a sprinkle of cinnamon (you can use a small piece of cinnamon stick or a few cloves) and brew. I also use dried orange zest or toasted hazelnuts and a bit of vanilla (I haven't tried using the vanilla bean itself yet). The flavor is not as intense as, say, flavored syrup, but I don't like the flavoring to overpower the coffee. I've used the ground coffee mixture in a drip-style coffee maker, a French press and a stovetop expresso maker (this last one gives the strongest flavor).

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By Cecile 'Sasha' Colwell K. 2 12/07/2013

After putting ground coffee into the basket, I add 1/4 t. cocoa powder per cup of coffee I'm brewing and lightly mix it in. The cocoa enhances the coffee flavor without making it overly chocolate-tasting. You might find you prefer a little more or less cocoa if you add sugar or sweetener.

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