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Refreezing Previously Frozen Foods

Can cheese that has thawed out be refrozen? Can frozen pizza dough that has thawed out be refrozen?

By Marianne from Washington, NH

Recent Answers

By bkvander [2]01/20/2011

Nope, refreezing the dough again will kill the yeast. Freeze and thaw is a one time thing so only thaw what you need.

By linda roberts [5]01/19/2011

Not according to a safe serve class (food service health dept.) that I just took.


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Archive: Refreezing Previously Frozen Foods

Can cooked food be frozen, thawed, recooked, and frozen again?

By Brenda from Vernon, B.C.

RE: Refreezing Previously Frozen Foods

If they have been defrosted and cooked they will be fine, if not do not refreeze. They will not taste right and lose their flavor. (10/06/2010)

By tara73

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