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Adding Shine to Dull Tile Flooring

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I have ceramic tile throughout my house which has a very dull finish. Can anyone suggest a product that may help to add any sheen or shine to it.



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By LuvMyGingerKids [45]02/21/2008

Call a tile expert or a home improvement store like Lowes and ask to speak to someone in flooring.

They'll be able to give you names of products that will make your tiles shine.



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Question: Adding Shine to Dark Dull Tile

I have dark tile that doesn't have a natural shine. Is there anything I can put on it so it doesn't look so dull or would it stay dull looking due to its natural state? I was going to put some Mop and Glo then buff to see how it comes out.

By vctr from Lumby, BC

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