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Scramble Eggs in a Ziplock Bag

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When having a crowd over for breakfast/brunch instead of cooking scrambled egg orders with everyone wanting different ingredients, get everyone's order and put in plastic bags with each persons name on top or assign a number to each person. Put all the bags in a deep pot of hot boiling water. Boil for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how many bags you boil. Saves on cleanup with everyone having warm food.

Source: My daughter Alisha served eggs this way for her coworkers, don't know where she got it. She is always coming up with strange ways to cook. Doesn't like the cleanup.

By Judith from Summersville, WV


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By janice [48]06/10/2009

This is the only way I make eggs when camping, and it is an omelet. My family loves them. I learned about it on this site.

By Maryeileen [76]06/09/2009

As of August 2006, the ZIPLOC company does NOT recommend using their bags to boil food. ZIPLOC brand Bags are made from polyethylene plastic with a softening point of approximately 195 degrees Fahrenheit. When exposed to boiling water, the plastic could begin to melt.

By Linda from Bloomington, IL [67]06/09/2009

This recipe is called Omelet in a Bag. You need to use the quart freezer bags the you press to close, not the ones with a 'zipper tab'. When done, the 'omelet' rolls out in the shape of an eggroll. Be careful handling the hot bags.

By Shirley [13]06/09/2009

This is a Girl Scout camping recipe. I've tried it and it works great.

By Janet Richardson [7]06/09/2009

We've done this too but found you have to use good quality zip top plastic bags. We tried inexpensive zipper top bags & some of them leaked at the corners & else-ware while boiling. Quite a mess. We did have fun though as we did it with a group of friends, so it was like a "scrambled egg party".

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Archive: Scramble Eggs In Ziplock

An easy way to cook scrambled eggs with no mess.

Put a 2 quart sauce pan filled with water to about the 3/4 level on stove to boil. Scramble 2 eggs in a bowl and add about 1/3 cup milk or more and beat. You can add cheese, ham, onions, etc. at this time. Pour into a quart plastic bag and seal. Immerse plastic bag in boiling water in pan being careful not to touch the edges with the bag Cook until no longer runny, approximately 5 minutes or so. Take the bag out of the water and carefully open it. There will be lots of steam. Turn upside down on to a plate and serve.

These are the fluffiest scrambled eggs you ever have made. It's unbelievable. And no mess.

By Margaret from Dudley, MA

RE: Scramble Eggs In Ziplock

Be really careful cooking in a Ziploc bag that is designed for storing instead of cooking. Cooking at a high temperature can break the chemicals in the plastic down, causing them to get into your system, and make you very sick. ( Found this out the hard way).

Just make sure to use a bag that is designed for the high temperature that is needed for cooking foods. (10/06/2008)

By Anonymous

RE: Scramble Eggs In Ziplock

I checked Google -- Ziplock company says its bags are dangerous to your health when used this way. I can think of no reason why a canning jar couldn't be used? In any case I'll try it. (10/06/2008)

By Tomatohanger

RE: Scramble Eggs In Ziplock

I agree, you should never boil anything in a plastic bag that wasn't made for that purpose. There are different grades of plastic (thickness, etc.). That's why some plastic dishes are microwavable and others aren't. (10/07/2008)

By Maryeileen

RE: Scramble Eggs In Ziplock

I do this too. You can skip the step with the bowl, crack the eggs into the bag and squish them up. (10/21/2008)

By Lisa from Lena, WI.