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Cheap Scented Candles

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I love scented candles, but some name brands are very expensive. Has anyone used less expensive candles with good results? Also, I love your site, and I would like to thank everyone who replied to my previous requests on other topics! The information I received has been very helpful. If there are any candle lovers out there, I would welcome their replies.

P.J. from Delaware


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By Tonya Wasson (Guest Post)12/27/2008

Try the candles at They are very affordable and their fragrance are awesome. Check out their site.

By Ted Parsnips [2]11/14/2006

Try <i>thrift stores</i> - especially around the holidays - for scented candles. Some folks just aren't candle people and are always getting rid of these unwanted gifts, and most thrift stores sell them for <i>cheap-cheap-cheap!</i>

I used to test them out before buying them by <i>lighting</i> them right there in the store, but that was before I accidentally burned down the Goodwill and they banned me for eight weeks. Well, it wasn't so much that I was banned, but the store wasn't open while they rebuilt.

No, I'm joking, of course.

Seriously, though, especially up to the holidays and after them, you're going to find a lot of candles - and some really nice ones - in your local thrift stores!

By Dawn (Guest Post)01/25/2006

Try using a candle warmer instead of burning them. The warmer makes the candle last for a very long time. I have had the same candle warming for over 6 months. Granted I don't turn it on every day but it has been on quite frequently and is still going strong.

By Marn (Guest Post)01/07/2006

I don't know if you have a KOHL'S in your area; however, I have bought several of the candles they sell in the jars. They burn great and smell SOOO good; you can smell it throughout the house. They usually are on sale and are a good value.

By Mary Bachert [1]01/07/2006

I sell candles that are a little more expensive. However, if you take into effect, that they burn cooler and evenly from top to bottom, you realize that the burn time is likely longer than compared to a cheaper candle. You could also sign up to get them wholesale and then they are are cheaper for you to burn. To join the Candle of the Month Club gives you a 16 oz. jar candle, 12 votives and a bar of soy soap for $39.95 plus S&H and taxes. You could then sell the votives and get your candle free. This also lets you then buy your candles at wholesale. The candles also are made of natural products so there is no paraffin wax in them. If you are thinking of your health and the toxins from candles that burn black, these are a healthy alternative. After burning these, I would never go back to the cheaper candles.
Mary Bachert

By Crystal Stogner01/07/2006

Just be careful when buying cheap candles. I have a cousin who bought one in a glass jar, it was "made in china" and when it got hot it exploded and caught her drapes on fire. Please be wary of certain "cheap" candles - it can cost more in the long run.

By karen (Guest Post)01/07/2006

I too love scented candles. So I have started to make my own. I save the wax when burned down, and reheat several leftover pieces over low heat in a saucepan, and pour back into the original glass. I always get a nice scent. Forgot you can buy the wicks at craft stores very reasonable. Just wrap around a pencil, and let the wick hang down into the glass. I have not purchased candles in some time.

By Barbara Grow (Guest Post)01/06/2006

Yes I have bought candles at the different dollar stores and they are really nice...Today I bought some at Dollars and Deals for $1.50 and they are about 5 inches tall..Also Family dollar has some too...I am burning a Rose one and it smells so gooooood......

By Robin (Guest Post)01/06/2006

I have bought very inexpensive candles that smelled as nice and burned just as well as the expensive type from Wal-Mart and the Dollar General Store. They have larger candles for less than $5.

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