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Cheap Ways To Display Pictures

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I have a few pictures that I want to put up in my bedroom. Don't have money to buy frames. How else can I mount it? Maybe glue it onto a board?

Any suggestions please.

Susan from Durban, South Africa



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By Julie [49]11/17/2007

How about this method using clothes pins on your curtain rod? You could decorate your clothes pins to match your room and just over lap your photos maybe even with corners pointing upward like triangle shape. ... _dec/clothespin_curtains/index.shtml

By pam munro [447]11/17/2007

When I was in high school - I had a cork bulletin board on which I put my pictures. If they are not photos, you could put them on scraps of wood or pieces of cardboard and decoupage them with a solution of white glue thinned down with water. Or you can get acrylic sheets used for overheads, and use that for "glass" and mount the pix on a piece of cardboard....

By Gena C. Moore [1]11/17/2007

1-- You can take old puzzles pieces and paint them with craft paint in colors that will compliment the photo. I did black with white dots. Once paint is dry, glue the pieces together to form the frame. You can stack them on top of each other and make about 3 layers or you can stack them askew to be more abstract.
2-- Use an old or inexpensive plate, cut photo to fit the center and glue or used double sided tape to hold in place.
(you can find a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes for almost nothing at thrift stores.

By Sheila Saey [8]07/11/2007

I found this really cute idea on a crafting group I belong to...thought it might give you a new idea!

God Bless,
Sheila in Titusville, FL

By Sheila Saey [8]07/11/2007

I found this really cute idea on a crafting group I belong to...thought it might give you a new idea!

God Bless,
Sheila in Titusville, FL

By Kim Churchman [3]07/10/2007

Second hand stores have impressive frames at giveaway prices. Consider spray painting one, maybe silver?
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By AlohaMama (Guest Post)07/07/2007

I recently repainted my daughters' room and after all the time filling holes I said "No more!", but the kids still needed a way to display their art, personal photos and such. My solution was to get inexpensive narrow cotton clothesline and hang 2 "lines" across the entire wall. Then I got cheap clothespins and hotglued silk colorful flowers on them. Now the kids just hang their pictures up on the line and it looks really cute. It is easy for them to do, holds a lot of stuff and only makes 4 small holes to hold up the lines.

By Dianna07/05/2007

If you really want frames, you can find a surprising selection at dollar stores. You just have to pick through them to find something tasteful. And don't expect them to last forever.


Buy an inexpensive poster frame and make a collage of pictures; place pictures randomly around the frame; use double-sided tape to attach pictures. Be creative and you could put captions under the pictures to describe the picture.

Most poster frames are black but you could paint it or use a small brush or a q-tip and make dots on the frame or paint the entire frame the desired color.

Another suggestion; buy some corkboard and cover a door; attach the pictures with colorful thumbtacks; also, add captions to the pictures.

Remember; always document on the back of your picture the name of the person, date and occasion of picture!

By Jenn07/04/2007

If you have some ribbon or twine you can either hang the photos (tie and bow) or paper clips.. If you have time you can weave the ribbon and insert the corners of the photos into the weave..

By Missouri (USA) Friend (Guest Post)07/04/2007

One way is to have a little fun by covering a piece of cardboard or styrofoam borad with fabric and criss cross that with ribbon, Simply slide pictures behinf=d the ribbon for an interesting collage.

Have Fun!

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