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Craft: Faux Leather Vase

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I made these with kids many years ago. I searched the web to see if anyone had a photo and directions. And yes they did. This leather-faux like vase for example, is a challenging activity for your older child, as well as a great gift idea. Your child can feel the satisfaction of creating a gift from the heart, for a teacher, Mother's Day, or grandmother gift! A younger child can use larger pieces and scissors.


  • empty bottle or jar (beer bottles work well too)
  • masking tape
  • shoe polish
  • cloth rag


  1. Completely cover your clean glass bottle, with torn or cut pieces of masking tape. Smaller the better. (older kids) Work for 15 minutes and then take a break and work on it again, making sure that the pieces of tape overlap each other.
  2. Cover the table with a newspaper and with an old rag, rub the shoe polish into the tape. Or use a shoe polish with a sponge applicator. Leave to dry.

Tips: Younger children should not participate in the shoe polish stage. Sometimes a second rubbing or glossing adds to the beauty.


By Carol from Torrance, CA

Editor's Note: Here is a similar craft project that is posted on ThriftyFun:



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By Louise B. [6]08/01/2008

I have made these with my grade 2 class many times -- usually as a father's day gift. It works very well. My extra hint is to pick a nice golden brown color of brown shoe polish (paste). We polished them with a soft cloth (old cotton sock) after applying the shoe polish. If you buff them up well, you don't have to seal them with anything. We found that tearing the masking tape made a more effective looking product. And one can also use a cardboard juice can and make a pencil holder.

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