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Alternative Scents for Rainbow Vacuum

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Does anyone know of any alternatives that can be used instead of the regular scents that you put into your rainbow vacuum cleaner? I don't have any stores near me that sell them and don't want to buy them online without being able to smell them first. I thought about putting liquid potpourri in it but I don't know if that would work and how much I should use? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.




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By Wade 08/23/2015

My wife and I have had our Rainbow for about 15 years and still love it! We use the Rainbow oils most of the time, but if we run out, we've found that fresh Orange, Lemon or Tangerine peels added to the water will also give a good fresh Citrus smell. And the natural Citrus oils are light enough to add freshness without clogging the system as much as a heavier oil might. Twisting, crushing or tearing the peels before adding, also helps to release more of the Citrus oils/fragrance into the water.

By peachykeen311206/23/2014

I also used to work for Rainbow. Basically when you take your machine in for repair they can say anything they want to void your warranty; your separator wasn't cleaned, you used a non approved fragrance, etc.

By ThriftSwift11/28/2013

I have also used fabric softener and have never had a problem. Plus, I always have it on hand.

By Megs05/03/2010

Hi I used to work for Rainbow and using any oils/fragrances not approved by rexair voids your warranty and can also cause build up around you motor. Check out they have the ;largest selection and they smell great also they are safe to use in your machine. Enjoy!

By sarah (Guest Post)02/19/2009

For years I have used 1/4 cup of my favorite fabric softener in the rainbow as a scent. It is fantastic and doesn't cause suds!

By Cora [1]08/25/2008

In the water chamber, when you add the fresh water, add a few drops of essential oil of your choice.
Wal-Mart sells these oils for 2 or 3 dollars, and one container will last for several uses.
I worked for a local resort and vacuuming was one of my chores, and this is the method they used.

By Beth [5]08/24/2008

My husband is a huge fan of our rainbow vac. (It's his big chore, and always looks for ways to make it more fun) He buys herbal extracts from the grocery store (Whole Foods would have tons) like peppermint, vanilla, eucalyptus, etc. He says it only takes two to three drops from an eyedropper to really work well. He said your idea of liquid potpourri would work fine, too. Just don't add too much right off the bat, because wow, it can really fill the house. Good luck!

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