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Dog Keeps Eating Flowers

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Does anyone have a problem with their dogs eating flowers? My dogs will either eat flowers I plant or pull them up after I have gone in. I'm just about ready to stop planting because of my dogs messing up all my hard work! Are they missing something in their diet maybe?

Janine from Corinth, KY



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By Me (Guest Post)06/11/2008

No, they are just doing what comes natural, digging. You didn't mention the age of your dogs. For young dogs it's very common. You could put an inexpensive fence around them to discourage them. Personally I don't mess w/flowers because I don't want to maintain them. Also make sure the flowers aren't poisonous to dogs. Do a search on the internet to find out. There are quite a few plants that are poisonous to them.

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By Janine (Guest Post)06/12/2008

Thanks for your feedback. They are still young, one is almost 2 and the other is about 1 1/2. I got them from the pound and even they weren't sure about the ages. They do watch what I do and then when I am inside they destroy. I have just about given up on flowers this year because of them.I have had to put fence up around the garden. Last year they didn't bother the garden at all. I live on a big farm and I guess I thought they would just keep busy on it.

By Jennifer (Guest Post)06/11/2008

Some dogs just have that instinct in them. I have a dog that eats my tomatoes just as soon as they start turning red. He has eaten rose bushes, butterfly bushes, and other flowers too numerous to mention! I am having better luck this summer. He is 3 now, which I think helps, but also, after I plant something, I stay around and watch. When I see him "go for it", I GENTLEY give his collar a jerk, and tell him no. I'll give him a stick or toy to play with then and redirect him. So far that has worked. This spring, I was planting two plumbagos, and while I was planting one, my dog was grabbing the other to take off with it behind my back! I turned just in time, and took it away from him!

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