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Removing Hairspray from a Mirror

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Girl putting on hairspray.

This hair product can easily end up on surfaces in your bathroom. This guide is about removing hairspray from a mirror.



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Question: Removing Hairspray from a Mirror

How do I remove hairspray from mirrors?

By Chrissy


Best Answers

By Paula Jo C. [7]02/08/2011

Mix baking soda and warm water in a spritz bottle and clean your mirrors, counters or floors. Told to me by my hair dresser. Good luck I personally know it does work!

Best Answers

By Jill [4]02/07/2011

Magic erasers!

Best Answers

By Julia (Guest Post)01/25/2008

My mirror was pretty bad with hair spray but with a good rub of alcohol it come off completely. 25/01/08

Best Answers

By Cleaning Junkie (Guest Post)05/16/2007

Try using Dissolve AP cleaner. You can find it in Sally's or any beauty supply house. Make sure you don't confuse it with Fuller's Dissolve, this is NOT the same thing (I've made the mistake once). It works unbelieveable at getting the hairspray up off any surface, not just mirrors. The company that makes it is Agility Group, you can purchase it online too...

Solutions: Removing Hairspray from a Mirror

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