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Can a Pit Bull Have Long hair?

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Does anyone know if a full blooded pit has long hair like a Lab? One has been hanging around my home. It has all four white paws, tail is tipped white and it has a beautiful masked face. But, she has longer red hair.

By Lee Ann from OK


Recent Answers

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By Lee Taylor [10]08/04/2010

Both my dogs have white feel and white tip tail, but neither have any Pit in them. And no, Pits cannot have long hair. It sounds like a mix of some kind.

By Robin from Dover, FL [6]08/04/2010

Post a photo for better results. She is probably a pit mix.


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Archive: Can a Pit Bull Have Long hair?

My pit bull puppy has longish hair? Is she really a pit bull?

By Sarabob

RE: Can a Pit Bull Have Long hair?

I've never heard of a full blood Staffordshire terrier with long hair. (05/05/2009)

By Glenn'sMom

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