Sweet Potato Vines In A Mason Jar


I remember my mom growing sweet potato vines (as house plants) in a mason jar. How do you do it? I'd love to know. Can they remain in the water with some marbles in the bottom, or do they need to be planted? What type of light do they need? If I need to plant them, what do I keep the moisture level at for the soil?
I can't remember which end of the sweet potatoe to place in water to root it?

jenny from KY



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By Jeanette 16 12/31/2004

You put the end that is "pointed" down in the water in the jar. You can grow these in your kitchen window or anywhere else in your home, where there is natural sunlight. Once you put the potato down in the jar, only about half of the potato should be in the water. You don't ever have to plant these. From what I could tell, they could live indefinitely in the jar.
I hope this helps.

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By gail2656 (Guest Post) 07/17/2005

I grow them every year with my kids in school...they enjoy watching the vine grow

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By Lavell Rankin (Guest Post) 08/26/2005

My sweet potato in the jar keeps getting moldy. I just moved it to a window that gets more direct light, but does anyone have another suggestion?

lavell1 @ comcast.net (remove spaces)

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By john (Guest Post) 04/27/2006

the first thing you do is you get a jar and fill it with water(make sure you leave an inch without water).then insert the root end in the jar make sure that the end was in the water

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By Joyce Woodard 1 02/07/2008

I tried to grow a vine from a sweet potato, and it only rooted a little, my sister told me that my mom use to cut one end off, but do you put the cut in down in the water or up out of the water? I didn't cut an end off and the potato rotted!""

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By Dana in PA (Guest Post) 07/22/2008

I tried the sweet potato in the mason jar thing. I used the tooth picks and changed the water every other day and kept it in a sunny window. But after a week the part that was immersed in water rotted! What did I do wrong? Dana in Pa

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By (Guest Post) 10/25/2008

Can u eat them? I have them growing like crazy.

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By walter17 (Guest Post) 11/06/2008

I'm trying to grow an Okinawan sweet potato. I soaked the long part of the potato. That part started to rot. So I cut the rotted part off and turned it around.

So can anybody tell me if that is right or wrong? Anyone in Hawaii?

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By leela. (Guest Post) 11/23/2008

You should put the pointed end of the potato into the water. Let about 1/3 of the potato stick out the top of the jar three or four toothpicks. Sunny warm window or on top of the fridge. Add water as needed. Should be good to go...er grow...very easy plant and pretty, too.

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By (Guest Post) 12/30/2008

I think success/failure depends a lot on how long the potato was in cold storage before you bought it. So try again, after you ask your friendly produce manager!

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