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Sewing Machine is Wadding Up Thread Under Fabric

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My Singer sewing machine model 6286 is wadding up the thread under the bottom of the fabric. The machine is threaded properly. What is causing this?

By bhooks from Hillister, TX


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By Coreen Hart [73]11/10/2010

I sew on a Singer treadle. My machine will wad up the bobbin thread if I fail to do this: Hold both threads to the left of the presser foot. Take 3-4 stitches. It should sew straight to the end of the seam. Good luck!

By mholley [1]11/10/2010

I totally agree about the tension and the thread. First, I would double check the way you have everything threaded. Second-Thread gauge, stated by ladybanksia99, especially if you have 2 different types such as cotton in the bobbin and polyester in the top. That will mess up the tension and cause it either break or do exactly as you have described "wadding up" on the bottom of the fabric. If you cannot tell which one is wadding up I would try to use 2 different colors to determine which one is giving you the problems. If you feel it is the tension, after you have tried the other, I would suggest you make sure you have them set up to the Manufacturer default (recommendations) and then try sewing on some scrap cotton fabric. Per ThriftyVicki, depending on the material you need to make sure that you are using the correct needle because this is one more way for the tension to have a problem and it will definitely cause issues, breaking needles along with wadding up thread or breaking thread. I hope this helps.

By Louise B. [4]11/10/2010

If you are not an experienced sewer, you might take your machine to a friend who is and have her look at it before you start adjusting bobbin tension and so on. Try all the easy stuff that has been suggested. Rethread everything to start. If the problem isn't solved, have an experienced sewer try to fix it. Then it is time for the repair shop. But it does sound like a tension problem.

By ladybanksia99 [1]11/10/2010

Oftentimes, you need to make sure you are using the same gauge of thread, or close, in both the top and bottom stitching. More than likely, though, its a tension issue. First determine if it is the top thread that is being pulled through the fabric and bunching, or if it is the bottom thread. I've had mine do both on my older machine.

I also second all of the mentions that ThriftyVicki made. It all can make a difference.

By Vicki [21]11/09/2010

WildIrish has it right, it is probably the tension. The tension is partly set by that little screw (turn it) in the bobbin compartment. You will have to experiment with a scrap piece of cloth until you get it right. Or it may be the tension of the thread itself (turn your dials). Experiment with that, also. The thread sounds like it is too loose. Cheap thread is also a waste of money, as it will bunch up, break, etc. You could also have the wrong needle for the fabric. Some fabrics really do require their own certain needle.

By cyndee kromminga [14]11/08/2010

I have had this happen when the thread in the bobbin compartment has slipped out of the threading sequence or I have accidentally inserted it backwards. You might remove the bobbin and reinsert it.

By Melanie Jackson [1]11/08/2010

Have you accidentally changed the tension, by any chance? If the tension isn't even above and below the fabric, wadding can occur. If that's not the case, then it's a mechanical problem with either the bobbin compartment, or maybe the feed dogs: Either of these problems requires servicing on the machine.

By Joan [13]11/08/2010

I have that happen sometimes, but not often enough to worry about it. I get it straightened out and don't really know what I do to fix it.

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