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Dryer Sheets For Pet Hair Maintenance

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I have been reading here about rubbing used dryer sheets on your dog to help get rid of loose hair. Would this work on cats as well or is there anything toxic in the sheets?

By Sharon from Mackinaw, IL


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By Pixiedust7 [7]11/12/2010

Every time I see this thing about using dryer sheets on pets I write back, imploring people not to use them. They are full of toxic chemicals. We should not even be using them. I finally contributed a tip on this, which will hopefully appear in this newsletter soon. Pets lick themselves and will ingest these chemicals and can get sick and die. Humans absorb the chemicals through the skin. Please don't use dryer sheets on your pets or their bedding or toys!

By Cindy [3]11/12/2010

A clean rag, or even a paper towel, rinsed in warm water and wrung out, will accomplish the same thing as a dryer sheet, without the chemicals. As "takelababy" also suggested, daily grooming helps, too.

By Joan [2]11/11/2010

Dryer sheets contain silicone which pets ingest as they lick themselves. A good daily grooming will help control the hair.


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Dryer Sheets For Pet Hair Maintenance

Rubbing laundry softener sheets on your cat or dog will help them to shed easier, give them a nice clean scent and pick up any loose hair that they may have left on your clothes, furniture, floors, etc.

By Paula Jo Carr from Mebane, NC

Editor's Note: I'd worry about doing this with cats (and dogs that clean themselves) because they clean themselves and it may be toxic over time. Does anyone have any information about this? It does work well for picking up loose hair on clothing, furniture, etc.

RE: Dryer Sheets For Pet Hair Maintenance

I wonder if you would rub dryer sheets on yourself or wash yourself in Dawn or Joy as suggested in previous posts. If you wouldn't use it on yourself, why would you use it on your pet? Harsh chemicals are irritating to pet's skin. I use baby wash for my cat and dog. If it's safe for babies it's safe for my 'babies'. (09/18/2006)

By thriftyboo

RE: Dryer Sheets For Pet Hair Maintenance

When my hair becomes fly away because of static, I grab a dryer sheet and rub it all over my head. Calms my hair right down and I never had a problem! This is very common in the winter when the heat's cranking! (09/21/2006)

By Janet from Bangor

RE: Dryer Sheets For Pet Hair Maintenance

Petting your dog with a rubber glove on your hand will produce the same results. The rubber glove treatment will also remove pet hair from the couch. (10/12/2006)

By Harlean from AR

RE: Dryer Sheets For Pet Hair Maintenance

We do rub ourselves down with a dryer sheet. What do you think is on the clothes you wear everyday? The chemicals from a dryer sheet. (06/27/2008)

By Michael

RE: Dryer Sheets For Pet Hair Maintenance

The chemicals in dryer sheets and any type of fabric softener are toxic to dogs. Minimal contact is a mild irritant, but rubbing your dog down with this stuff is a really really bad idea. I have dogs that shed, and I've used a slicker brush followed by a lint roller and it works pretty well. (10/14/2009)

By Honey

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