Getting Rid of Mice

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How do I get rid of mice?

By baktus from Canada

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By Suntydt 75 877 Flag

April 17, 2011

Depends on your environment. If you don't have any kids and you have a basement (or the mice are in your shed or barn) acquire a black snake and let him loose (in the basement shed or barn). Tell your friends you are looking for one and to let you know if they find one or catch one for you. This option is nice because the snake takes care of ALL the mice (babies, rats, etc.). And when it is done it travels on to greener and mousier pastures.

Your next option is to use mouse traps. Peanut butter works really god as a bait. Try to get traps that have either holes in the bait tray or a looped end. You want the peanut butter to get into a hard to reach spot or the mice will lick it all off and never set off the trap. Of course this doesn't work if you have kids. The option if you have kids is either get a cat or get mouse traps where the mouse goes in and never comes out. I have never used traps like these but they supposedly work well and are more "humane". But I know the snake, peanut butter and cat options work wonders (unless you get a lazy or vegetarian cat).

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By Louise B. 6 2,509 Flag

April 20, 2011

Long term effective solution, cats one will do, two are better. Especially if you live in an area where this is going to be a recurring problem. That's why people domesticated cats in the first place vermin control.

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By Wilma Long 1 50 Flag

April 20, 2011

The one and only way to get rid of mice is to block the entryway to where they get in. Until you do this you will always have one more mouse. If one can find a way to get in so can the rest.

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By Kathryen 8 68 Flag

April 21, 2011

I got rid of the mice from my mother's trailer in Oklahoma by taking away the food sources. She had a large pantry that had open box, bags, etc. I went to walmart and bought several big plastic boxes with lids and put all bagged and boxed food in the plastic boxes leaving only the canned and jarred food on the shelves. I also cleaned her trailer from top to bottom. She was paying to have her house cleaned weekly but when I flew back to help get her diabetes under control, it was very obvious they were only vacuuming and dusting.

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By Linda Jones 13 88 Flag

January 12, 2012

Use steel wool to fill in cracks to keep them from entering the house. I used the glue pads when I had the problem and collected many. When my nephew moved in with 3 cats the mice moved out permanently! I think that's the only way they really go.

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By Maryeileen 76 1,143 Flag

January 27, 2012

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By Ben Borgman 12 Flag

January 30, 2012

This always took care of my annoying rat problem

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Question: Getting Rid of Mice

By Laura Lou 1 1

I have killed (with old fashioned wooden spring traps and peanut butter) 4 mice in the last 3 months. I live alone and travel a lot so getting a cat or two is out of the question. I've checked all my closets and cupboards and stuffed steel wool in any place I think they could possible get in. Where else can I check? I'm at a loss and totally frustrated!

By Laura

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By TheFrugalTownie 1 4 Flag

March 20, 2012

Something to consider is if there is something in your place that is attracting them. Do you notice them in one particular area of your house? We had a mouse problem when they were coming after our dog's food (both the bag of food stored in low cabinet as well as what was in the bow).

We started storing the dog food in a tightly closing plastic container, and fed the dog smaller amounts more frequently so there would be less sitting in her bowl. The dog food seemed to be the food source that was attracting them, and once we got rid of them after doing that they never came back.

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Question: Getting Rid of Mice

How do I get rid of house mice?

By Joe

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By Vi Johnson 286 801 Flag

January 12, 2012

Have you thought of getting a cat.....better yet two.


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Archive: Getting Rid of Mice

A few days back we moved into a townhouse and discovered mice droppings in the kitchen cabinets. I am having sleepless nights, as I have a five year old and an infant daughter. We have put glue traps inside the kitchen cabinets and in the bathrooms. But much to my horror today I found droppings in my daughter's (upstairs) bedroom.

The glue traps have been in place for the past 6 days but with no success till now. I haven't seen the mice but I keep finding the droppings. Can anyone please suggest what I can do! I saw some products on the internet like shake them (powder - has fox urine) or ultra sonic devices, rat zappers. It's so confusing. I am willing to try all of them as I need these critters out of my house. Any kind of advice will be highly appreciated.

Rachna from CA


Warning About Poison

Just a warning about the poison pellets. My neighbor bought a house that was not occupied for awhile. There was a problem with mice. So before she moved in, she used the poison pellets. It took care of the problem. But she also found some of the pellets hidden throughout her house. Apparently mice hide some of their food for safe keeping. She had to thoroughly check her house before she moved since she did have some pets.

Also, sometimes the mice will die in the walls. The odor is horrible. I was told to put out tall containers, with straight sides, of water since the poisoned mice are very thirsty and seek water. They can get in but can't get out and drown. Never tried it but makes sense. It won't be pleasant thing to clean up but if it works, it may be worth it. That would be better than having them die in the walls of your house.

By mkymlp


The best thing for killing rodents (mice, or rats) is to go to a farm store and buy a product called 'RAMIK BARS'. You break up these bars and put them around the house, in the basement, attic, etc. The rodents eat this stuff and then they dehydrate. There is no smell at all, because these bars dry their body out.

If, or when you find a dead rodent, it will be flat as a pancake with no odor to it at all! Just be sure to put where your pets can't get to them, as they are poisonous. I have been using these bars every fall for the last 10 years or so when the weather starts getting cool, and I haven't seen a trace of a rodent since.

By sjackie2000

Wear Gloves

Make sure you are wearing gloves when setting any kind of trap. Your body odor will get on the trap and warn away the mouse. A pest exterminator told me this.

By elpasolady

Peanut Butter

We had field mice several years ago. We set out a few traps filled with peanut butter. Within a few hours, we caught several mice. We left one mouse in the trap for about a day and the rest seemed to disappear. It seems they "got the message".

By Carol D

A Safer Way

I have pets too and found a safer way to distribute the poison is to buy the block or large tablet type and, using a hole saw attachment on a drill, make a small hole in the plastic lid of an old peanut butter jar. Put the bait in the jar and screw the lid on. Jam the jars up high or behind appliances so the mice can take the bait but not pull it out or move the jars. Check regularly to make sure the bait hasn't been nibbled down small enough for them to pull it out of the hole - replace with a new one when they get small.


By Jo

Fill Holes

The most important thing is to inspect your house for holes. They can get into the smallest holes. I had them when I lived in a mobile home many years ago and I found some holes under the sink that weren't sealed. After I filled them I had no more mice. I haven't had the problem in my house but I have had them in my garage. We live trapped them and released them in a wooded area. It was easy and I don't believe in murdering animals or having them suffer a slow death. I put peanut butter in the trap.

By Vic

My Experience

I was beyond horrified to find I had the same problem last summer. I found 3 little black droppings in the bathroom and began inspecting, only to find there were gaps about the size of a nickel along my baseboards in the bedroom closet and living room. Apparently, they'd left a ground floor neighbor's apartment and made their way up inside the walls. I finally saw one when my cat sat in front of the kitchen refrigerator so long, that I finally moved it and out came this squealing little mouse. It screamed and so did I.

I went to war and found out that they can live on the tiniest crumb. You may think there's no food in your kitchen, but even the tiniest crumb missed when sweeping the floor will be a full dinner for them. Any fruit or bread left on top of the counter, pet food left out, anything is a meal for them. They'd been collecting pet food crumbs and storing them behind the refrigerator.

That said, this is what has been working for me: I bought several bags of level 4 or 5 steel wool, very coarse (lower levels are too fine for excluding rodents), various sizes of steel plates, and expanding foam sealant. I then took a flashlight and crawled around throughout my entire apartment, checking every room, every baseboard, every closet, everything, and found every small crack or crevice that I could fit a pencil eraser through. I then used metal cutters to cut the steel wool into small bunches and shoved it into the cracks and used the foam sealant to cement it into place.

When I say I went everywhere, I mean everywhere. I pulled my stove from the wall, and used sheet metal to cover the hole in the wall where the stove line goes into the wall. I went underneath all of the kitchen cabinets, and if the hole was big, I nailed sheet metal or steel plates over the hole and plugged any smaller openings with steel wool. Before plugging the holes, I dropped the rat poison packets into the holes, as it's impossible for our pets or children to get back there.

I caulked the top of the kitchen counter, where small gaps had developed, and pulled the refrigerator out to make sure there were no openings behind it. I also found that there are often hidden openings beneath the face front of lower level cabinets. When you look at the cabinet, the door appears to be flush with the cabinet floor behind it. However, if you shut the door and crouching down, run your fingers beneath it, you'll often find an opening that runs underneath the cabinet floor. Mice can climb up the inside of walls and use this opening to make their way into the kitchen at night. That's one of the ways it made its way into my kitchen and it was how it exited the day I saw it. These are all now stuffed and packed tight with super coarse steel wool.

I sweep and mop the kitchen floor every night, making sure to sweep under the refrigerator. I vacuum regularly to ensure that all crumbs are gone, and I bought steel containers with locking lids for my large bags of dog and cat food. ALL food is stored into hard, plastic containers or decorative steel containers with locking lids. If something doesn't fit there, and is in a box or bag, it's stored in the refrigerator. No food is ever left out overnight, not even a tray of fruit.

Finally, I used metal door sweeps to close gaps underneath doors, and used steel plates to close holes in the walls where utility lines enter and exit, such as the closet where the heat pump sits. There is a small copper line that goes into the wall, and the hole it creates is more than big enough for a mouse or something bigger to crawl through. I also doubled chicken wire and nailed it over dryer vents that exit out of the building. It was a lot of work, and may seem a bit extreme, but if you're serious about getting them out and keeping them out, it will make a big difference.

So far, the poison worked to kill the two mice that had made their way into the building, and locking all the little "doorways" has seemed to keep others out.

Good luck,

By TrinaKBM

Be Careful With Poison

Be Careful with the poison. I had an infestation and got several with snap traps but one was too clever for them. We poisoned it but now it is trapped in the wall cavity (brick wall) and really smells bad, now it is dead. The builder can't come for 2 weeks and then he will have to try knocking out bricks as close to the smell as possible, but it is very hit and miss. It could prove very costly.

I would suggest that if snap traps fail, try your own, home made, trap. I thought of using an upside down lunch box with something heavy, like a book, stuck to the top, and then propping it up with a clothes peg with some string tied to it and some bait underneath. And then just lying in wait, holding the string. It sounds a little cartoon like, but I wished I had tried it now.

By Mackery

Peppermint Oil

I've tried peppermint oil, but it didn't work, I don't want to kill them, not sure what else to do, it's scratching away in the bedroom. I just want something natural to get rid, quick and easy.

By Becks

Ramik Bars

A previous post mentions Ramik Bars. These don't really dehydrate the mice. Instead, they contain anticoagulants, and the mice slowly bleed to death. They become thirsty because they (like us) have an instinct to drink water to boost their blood pressure because they have a drive to live. They will die slowly and most likely painfully.

Try this instead: put a paper towel tube half on and half off of the table/counter where you've found droppings. Put peanut butter or cheese in the far end of the tube. Place a tall kitchen or outside garbage can just under the tube. When the mouse takes the bait, he falls into the bin, along with the paper towel tube. Release at least a mile from the house, then seal your doors and windows to discourage future rodents, snakes, etc.

This works. It's also free and humane. Good luck. (11/03/2005)



I have better luck with the D-Con mouse poison that the sticky traps. Keep your traps, but add the D-Con. Its a sure thing. Sometimes it takes a while to catch a mouse... Guess thats why they always talk about a better mousetrap.. lol (03/07/2006)

By Carol

Get a Cat

The best solution for mice I've ever known, and non-poisonous!, is your very own exterminator in the form of a kitten. That kitten will grow into an even better mouser, all the while keeping your pests off the premises. It will be a companion to you and your children as well. The local shelter will have the cutest ball of fur just waiting for someone to love it and take care of it, and in turn solve your current problem. (03/07/2006)

By Tripleb

Sticky Traps

If you use the sticky traps. Try putting a little bit of bait in the center so the mouse walks on trap to get it. (03/07/2006)

By ERanda

Peppermint Oil

Try this (it sure has worked for me and we used to have such a bad mouse and rat problem that they chewed up our central heat and air ducts which we had to have all replaced. Buy some peppermint oil (the essential oil, *not* the extract but essential peppermint oil) and sprinkle a drop or two in each corner of your rooms, your cabinets and cupboards, even kitchen drawers, any place where you've seen the droppings. If you have access to it, I hear that fresh peppermint plant leaves work the same but I've never tried them, just the oil. They say it works because the mice and rats absolutely detest the smell of peppermint and it sure has worked for me. Good luck! (03/07/2006)

By Lynn from Calif.

Peppermint Oil

Try using Peppermint Oil - 2 teaspoons (or 2 tablespoons - sorry I'm not sure which) to one cup water in a spray gun. re-spray areas every 6 months. Apparently mice are allergic to peppermint. Hope it works for you. (03/07/2006)

By katrina537

Mouse Traps

When we lived on the farm, we had mouse problems. The best solution we ever found was to buy the regular mouse traps, melt a few chocolate chips or candy on a piece of foil and spread it on the bait area with a toothpick. Be generous but don't spread it where it would keep the trap from snapping. It will harden and they will gnaw on it. You can catch several mice with one baiting - works very well. Just make sure to wear gloves when you remove the dead mouse and reset it. CHOCOLATE - I'm telling you - they LOVE it! Easy and efficient! (03/07/2006)

By Marlene

Pest Offense

You have children please don't use any poison. I sell the best brand of essential oils and I hate to tell you this but the peppermint wont work. Your best bet is something called pest offense (check internet). I have used it in 5 states and 7 houses. It always works and is perfectly safe. Make sure you get those droppings clean. Get a black-light and shine it in the dark and find where they are coming in. Mice leave urine everywhere they go. Block those opening with spray foam and brillo pads. If you want to catch them and not kill them they have safe mouse traps use Reases' pieces. You will have to release them several miles from your home. (03/08/2006)

By Dr Beth

My Experience

First, read the excellent advice in TrinaKBM's post. Sealing off the entry holes is the key to getting rid of mice permanently.

Instead of using sheet metal plates, I mixed up a batch of patching plaster, and dipped wads of steel wool in the plaster mix before stuffing into the holes and crevices. When the plaster hardens you can paint it if you want

We had a major mouse entry hole under the sink where the hot/cold water and drain pipes came in through the side of the countertop base unit. This space was too big to stuff with steel wool and too tricky to cut a sheet metal plate to fit, however the plaster/steel wool worked perfectly.

Also check the holes around the hot water pipe if you have forced hot water baseboard heat. Look in corners of closets, where the wall meets the floor, feel up under the kickspace of your kitchen base units, and stuff with steel wool/plaster mix.

Leave out bait packets near the entry holes or where you find droppings. Mice follow scent paths even after old entry holes have been blocked.

I took a box of D-Con norway rat & mouse killer, and tore open a few of the brown 'bait station' things, and poured the green pellets into an old plastic container. Take a small amount (less than a teaspoon) of creamy peanut butter, just enough for flavor/scent, and drop a blob into the pellets and stir with a disposable plastic utensil to coat. If the pellets are clumping together, there is too much peanut butter.

Then take a round mr coffee paper filter, flatten it out, and sprinkle some of the loose green pellets on the filter paper, fold in half, and twist it into a roll.

I make about 4 of these at a time, put one under the refrigerator, one under the (gas) stove, etc. Check to see if they are being eaten or not every day or so. These are very effective. Obviously, don't put the bait where children can get into it. Put the container with the leftover peanut butter/pellet mixture on a high shelf where children can't reach.

But, the main thing is to seal off all the entry points, starting with the kitchen! I was amazed to find a hole in just about every room or closet (this house is about 100 yrs. old.) It's well worth your time to do a thorough inspection and get them all. So far, no mice this year! (03/08/2006)

Bounce Sheets

Get some bounce sheets and put them in the area you don't want the mouse/mice in. I have found that this will keep them away and the area will smell nice too. (03/08/2006)

By Ziggee

Rat Trap

We have had mice every year here on the farm. This year we even had a rat! Horrified!! Anyway, rat's like to eat fruit - so we baited a rat trap with a small sliver of apple and caught him. We use either peanut butter or a small wisp of cotton/batting so they can fluff their nest. This works also. Good luck. One year we caught 42 and then it got better. I think we finally caught the grandparents/parents/aunt-uncles and cousins. Thank goodness. Good luck. (03/08/2006)

By Nancy


When we lived up north, we had a terrible mouse problem. At the time when we built our house, our son was having allergy/asthma problems, and we were told to use vent filters over the heat/air vents. I also put a bounce sheet over some just because I liked the smell. For the time we lived in the house, we never had a single mouse, yet the neighbors were still having problems. I have since learned that the bounce kept them away.

When we moved into our current house in GA, the previous occupant left a mouse and rat problem. I still hadn't learned the value of bounce, so I put eucalyptus oil on cotton-balls in the walls. It was then that I learned of bounce, and out it went. It worked! Now we use the combo of those two as well as a cat.

Good Luck

By Amy


When we had a mice problem my husband went out and spent over $50 on all kinds of products to catch them. None of them worked so I went to the dollar store bought a 4 pack of wooden snap mouse traps and set them with smashed m&ms candies. We caught 7 of them in 2 months. But keep the traps out of reach of kids and throw away the whole trap if you want since they are so cheap.

By Sheila

Mouse Smell

It's true that dead mice stink, but the smell goes away in a week or so. It's not forever. Consider it the smell of victory! (08/29/2006)

By Jonathan


You can reuse your wooden mouse traps. We use some we've had quite awhile. Every fall we have a few mice who think they can sneak into our garage and have a warm winter. Wrong! We keep a few wooden traps set and always catch one or two then. We find that peanut butter works the best for us as bait. Just put a small dab in so they have to work at getting a nibble and will spring the trap. Just wash your hands after handling the trap. (01/15/2007)

By Grandma Margie

Dried Eucalyptus

Dried eucalyptus. A friend told me she put some in her camper and there were no more mice. I bought a bunch and cut off pieces and laid them around the stove, sink and heating vents. I no longer have a pesky mouse. Who incidentally was so brazen as to try to steal a home fried potato from my counter top, not mention run across my bare feet. (02/26/2007)

By Claire M. Brewer


I got all the mice out finally. I used the instant potatoes and the lid of water. I am not sure if that worked yet. I used glue traps and put peanut butter (large glue traps) in 3 different areas of the traps and one I put out had 4 on the trap and the other room in the closet and had 2 more. I have one trap left and I have not seen any mice in 3 days. (03/01/2007)

By missymagoo

Archive: Getting Rid of Mice

I am a chemical engineering student from rural Swaziland. We have always had a house mice infestation and we are tired of them. I am currently involved in a project to develop a "new and innovative" method or way to get rid of mice. I would like any kind of suggestions from you guys that can help me come up with a good product.

I would also like to know whether you know of any allergies that house mice have? Something or a chemical that is toxic only to them and not other animals or humans?

Thanks, Fiona


Do Not Use Poison!!

The first thing you must do is determine why the mice are there. They are basically there for two reasons: Food and Shelter. Try and find what food they are eating and eliminate/secure it so they are forced to find a new source. Make that new source some bait on a snap trap. DO NOT USE POISON inside the house, no matter what anyone says. This theory of the rodent leaving the house in search of water is suspect. You cannot guarantee this will happen and you run the chance of the rodent dying in the walls and then you have a new problem: getting the smelly, rotting corpse out. Most likely, when you poison a rodent, they get ill and find a safe place which will be their nest.

When you use the snap trap, bait it with some peanut butter and oatmeal. Do not set the trap for a couple of days, essentially giving the rodent a free meal. Once they establish that the trap is a good, safe source of food (a couple of days) then you can set it and they will walk right into it. The good thing about snap traps is that you see your results and can dispose of the rodent.

When you clean up a rodent infestation, make sure you disinfect the area BEFORE you clean. Make a solution of 1 1/2 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water. Spray any droppings, nesting or any other signs of rodents with this solution and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Do the same for any rodents caught in the trap. Use rubber gloves and make sure you wash your hands and clothing afterwards.

It takes patience and a bit of work, but you can get rid of this problem. Don't panic and throw poison out, try and figure out why they are there.

Good luck!

By chris

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

i don't like the mice either. I couldn't get comfortable knowing that little thing was in my house. but please don't use the glue traps. the mice starve to death. that is a slow agonizing death. Put the clapper traps away in a dark corner where the babies don't go, you will catch him. I caught mine. I put a clapper trap in back of a suitcase and waited. 2 days later, he is gone.

By sandy63

How to have Fun Getting Rid of Mice.

How to have fun catching mice.

1. Find a large round empty Duch Cookie Can with it's grooved cover.

2. Place the cover near the Mouse entrance.

3. Tie one end of a thread to a Toothpick and the other end to a Potato Chip, leave some thread pass the Potato Chip.

4. Square off the thick end of the Toothpick with your teeth or a sharp knife.

5. Place the Chip in the middle of the round cover and Scotch tape the end of the thread to the cover.

6. Make air holes in the Cookie Can with a hammer and nail and then place the Can on it's cover.

7 Gently lift and balance the Can up with the Tooth Pick and wind any loose thread around the ToothPick until the thread is tight.

8. The Mouse will go for the Potato Chip and he will pull the thread, knocking down the Tooth Pick. The Can will fall down into the groove of it's cover, trapping the Mouse. The Mouse will run in circles and you may hear him scream bloody murder, but he won't be hurt and you can carry him or her away into a field where it will live happily ever after. And it's great fun because it works better then a Snap and Kill trap, and you did not commit murder!

By human4us

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

What is this "BE NICE TO MICE" thing about? (must be another PC thing) Because: if you can get deadly diseases from mice "HANTAVIRUS" etc. and each female mouse has a litter of at least than 10 more mice each month, and the babies can breed in another month... Do the math! All that AND they cause all kinds of disease from Hanta to the plague. Unless you are a Buddhist or a Jane, Why keep them alive to spread disease?

Don't give me your "holier than thou" messages about hurting animals unless you can at least say you've been a vegetarian for 29 years like I have and don't wear leather shoes, belts or coats. If you love mice, get a clean one for a pet!

If you've lived where they invade your walls, take over and destroy your home like I have. Then you'd think twice. (Thank God for cats!)

Mice spread disease, that's it, that's final! Yeah, they may look fluffy and cute, until one bites you and you get rabies, or Hanta from their pee, poo or saliva or get the plague from their fleas. Nasty little critters indeed! And every female mouse you leave alive, means 100 more will be around in a year to breed even more!

All About Hantaviruses:

All about Plague from rodents:

By Cyinda

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Hi Fiona,

I left a bucket of water out once and the next day found a deceased mouse floating in it. Apparently they can't swim.

By Jantoo

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

I'm using a combo of things glue traps, wedge back snap trap, poison bait, and the steel wool with peppermint in the holes i see.

By jay

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Cats. We try to keep a cat in the barn to keep the mice out of grain. It works better than any poison or trap we have every used. In the house we use "blue death" Another way is to drown them, put water in a bucket, then put grain that floats in it. They get in to eat the grain and can't get out.

By mom-from-missouri

Archive: Getting Rid of Mice

Help! I have mice running through my walls of my mobile home and attached addition. I also see their turds in some places (and that's where I put the mousetraps which eventually catch them). YUK. I even just recently found a small hole in the wall of the addition and it looks like a mouse hole from the "Tom and Jerry" cartoons!

I'm not used to living in the country with all these critters and bugs invading my house! EEEEK!

Dee from Keene, KY


RE: Getting Rid of Mice

I had mice last year. I bought steel wool pads from Home Depot (the kind you buy to take off paint). I put them in all the holes I could find. Problem solved, no more mice. This was a suggestion from a coworker and it worked. The mice wouldn't go near the steel wool pads and moved on. I pushed them into the holes so you really couldn't see them either. (07/31/2007)

By Lynne

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

A female cat! They are the best mousers. (07/31/2007)

By Mary Ann.

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

We lived out in the country and I HATE mice. I purchased a product called RIDDEX. This device plugs into the wall - No need for a cat or poison or dealing with getting rid of dead mice - YUK! (That is hubby's job)
The RIDDEX works like this:
this is from:

"Introducing the Riddex Pro Digital Pest Repeller. Just plug in the Riddex Pro and it starts paying for itself! Riddex Pro turns the wiring in your house into an invisible pest repellent force field. Using patented Digital Pulse Technology, and powered by a Motorola Freescale Microprocessor, the Riddex Pro creates an irritating environment for pests inside your walls, chasing them away from your house. Pests are not killed! "

"Save thousands of dollars on pest control! A single Riddex Pro unit covers an entire level of a typical home. And, it's safe for children, pets, and electronics. Laboratory tests have proven that Riddex Pro REALLY WORKS! "

I know friends who have used the cheaper models from K-Mart, etc. but with no luck. For the 6 years we lived in the country - next to a cattle farm - we never had 1 mouse. I would not be without them.
They are well worth the price and in the long run cheaper than a cat - nothing against cats, but I have allergies and can't keep a cat - so this is the best solution - send them pesky critters running to your neighbors house - LOL
I wouldn't live anywhere, city (where I am now - or country) without a RIDDEX in my house. They really do work ( and no I don't own the company - wish I did though)

Good Luck


By Joanne

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

I have read many times to prevent having problems with mice is to use Irish Spring bar soap, cut up and scattered. I have personally never tried this but my friend's son used to have problems with mice getting into his car. He left the soap in his car and there doesn't seem to be a problem anymore. (08/01/2007)

By Laura

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Mothballs. Every animal HATES the smell of mothballs. Put it under your trailer, in drawers, etc. The mice will LEAVE your home and go somewhere else.

I hope that helps!
Misty :) (08/01/2007)

By AngelLoveInOhio

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

I have tried different methods, but my method of choice is D-Con mouse and rat bait. I keep it out all year long as I also live in the country. You will notice field mice like to come inside once the weather starts to cool in the fall. Be well prepared.
Best of luck, (08/01/2007)

By Carol in PA

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

From Readers Digest:

Repel mice from garage or shed

Don't let mice spend their winter vacation in your garage. Place a few mothballs around the garage, and the mice will seek other quarters. To keep mice out of your potting shed, put the mothballs around the base of wrapped or covered plants.

See the link for more uses for moth balls.

:) Misty (08/01/2007)

By AngelLoveInOhio

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Remember anywhere a mouse can go, a snake can go. (08/02/2007)

By badwater

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

We have a large warehouse thrift store with an upstairs storage. When I went to work there the mouse problem was really terrible. The store even smelled like mice. I had heard about the bounce dryer sheets so went and got two boxes. We put one every 3 feet inside and around the 4 walls. In just a few days the mice were gone. That has been about 8 months ago. Guess its about time to put new sheets out again. It really really works great. Forget the poisons and sticky traps. This is the ultimate in mouse prevention. (08/05/2007)

By Pab

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

I use a combination of Peppermint oil - I buy it at the health food store and sticky traps. Soak some cotton balls in the peppermint oil and place them in ziploc baggies. Poke small holes in the bags with a toothpick and place them in areas where you have problems. Place the sticky traps along the wall in dark areas, corners under cabinets, etc. If your problem is with rats, tie some string to the trap and then tie the other end to something so they can't run away with the trap. (08/13/2007)

By Sandy

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Mice can invoke quite the emotions as evidenced by some of your thoughts here.

A couple of things. Females don't have litters once per month & babies take a little longer than a month to mature & have their own. Mice DO swim & your drowning technique may mean a mouse would be treading water for some 7 hours before it drowns from exhaustion. Quick and painless is best & I would say a mouse trap would fit the bill.T he new 'victor' traps sold at Lowes etc. have expanded triggers & just a drop of vanilla extract or a small cottonball will entice the mouse. Trap needs to go against the wall as mice can't see well and use their whiskers to feel along walls.Trigger end pointed to wall and you have your best shot.Also-If dead mice is not your thing, you can get a 'ketch-all' trap which is a wind up trap that simply catches the mouse alive and you can take him out into a field and release him. Baits work very well but care should be taken when you use it Probably fine for your crawl space. Steel wool is great for sealing up any small holes they may use to enter. Mice produce about 150 droppings per day and you don't want to know how much they widdle. Well if you do just shine a black light on your counter tops or near droppings. You won't like what you see. In other words-the quicker the better in getting rid of this pest and clean,clean,clean. (09/20/2007)

By Dutch 1962

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Peppermint oil on cotton balls stuffed into the holes where they hide. Also baking soda sprinkled near openings and along counters, they don't like it. This caused them to move to my neighbors-ha! I also steel wool, expanding foam to block holes (also energy saving) and I use the little victor humane traps. They like peanut butter and the bait to be fresh. We've had to use a quarter as a counterweight for the bigger ones. We then just take them a few blocks away and let them go. They look for food, water and safety. I also used to loan our cat to a friend once a week as a deterrent. (09/23/2007)

By Trish

Archive: Getting Rid of Mice Safely

How do I get rid of mice, safely?

Sheila from Flint, Michigan


RE: Getting Rid of Mice Safely

Pets eating mice that have been poisoned will also be poisoned. Sticky traps are cruel. Peppermint oil does NOT work. Those late night TV ads for magically ridding your home of mice with a sound you can't hear do not work. Wooden traps do work. Cats do work. Get your cat spayed or neutered and feed them well. Cats catch mice for fun when they feel well. (12/28/2007)

By dido

RE: Getting Rid of Mice Safely

I have mice come into my heating vents during the bitter cold winter. I have read several of your comments on how to rid your home of them. Many of you mention cats and kittens. I have two indoor cats. But FYI - mice carry the horrible parasite called toxoplasmosis and cats can get the parasite from killing and or eating the mouse. I had a beautiful cat die from this absolutely horrible parasite and believe me you don't want to know the details. Try to rid your home as I have without using your cats or getting innocent cats from the shelter to keep as "mousers", you can read all about what happens to a cat from toxoplasmosis on the internet. And yes, I hate mice too! Read about it. Most vets don't know enough about toxoplasmosis to act quickly enough to save the cat once they've been infected. (01/02/2008)

By Sharlene

RE: Getting Rid of Mice Safely

Using Moth balls to rid yourself of any kind of pest is something you may want to think about and educate yourself about as well. First off, moth balls cause lung disease. Proven fact. Also, they are EXTREMELY hazardous to the environment. One of the absolute worst pollutants you can use. You may as well put asbestos around your house. It is harmful to any kind of household pet by way of breathing in the toxins. Not to mention how harmful it is to your health. Please think twice about using this method. Also, it is an odor that takes literally years to get rid of once it penetrates any kind of wood materials used to build your home. Some states (my state where I live) will actually fine you for using it outside if they catch you.

Food for thought!

(b)Editor's Note:(/b) We agree with this and have mentioned the hazards and problems with moth balls. Please find another method. (01/02/2008)

By NeeNee

Archive: Getting Rid of Mice Safely

<img src="images/articles32/mouse-140x175.jpg" width="140" height="175" border="0" alt="Getting Rid of Mice Safely" align="right" hspace="5" vspace="5">
We have a mouse in our basement floor condo! Now I'm not 100% sure but lately I've noticed there are boxes in the house with strange holes in them and tonight I found a book of mine that had been under the Christmas tree to help keep it level eaten! We also have a dog that tends to poop in the house so if there were droppings, I'm sure we've thought they were part of the pup's poop.

We keep their food in a plastic container and all the rest of our food high up in a pantry. The only dog food down is for the 10 pound dog that can't have her food raised (she can't reach it). We also have a cat who loved the corner where the problems have occurred with the so-called mouse! How do we find out for sure if we have a mouse? Both of us are terrified of rodents and with 2 small animals, traps are probably out of the picture. Help!

What are some NON TOXIC and safe preventative ways to get rid of and keep out mice? We live in the burbs and have a forest across the street as well as a small wooded area behind our house so I'm sure there are woodland creatures there but I'd rather them there and not in here!

Trish from Outside of DC in the Burbs


RE: Getting Rid of Mice Safely

Sure sounds like a mouse. If your kitchen sink is enclosed by cabinets bait a trap with bacon and put it under the sink. Tape the door shut real good (so your pets can't pry it open). Your cat and dog can't get to it but the mouse will find a way in there. Hope this helps. (02/21/2008)

By perfumed fan

RE: Getting Rid of Mice Safely

Check out the following link: (02/22/2008)

By Maryeileen

RE: Getting Rid of Mice Safely

I, too am TERRIFIED of mice, but had them in my house this year. I tried D-CON's new "No View, No Touch" trap. They're round and come in a pack of 2. There's a small opening on the bottom where you bait them (I used peanut butter) then close the opening, turn the "trap" counter-clockwise and it's set! There are even arrows and markings on the top of the trap to to tell you when it is set and when you've caught the mouse. When you've caught the mouse, it is inside the trap and you NEVER see it. You just throw out the whole thing. I used it in January and caught the Nasty Bugger the first night! Even though they cost more than the regular wooden traps, they were more than worth it to me. (02/23/2008)

By youngster8

RE: Getting Rid of Mice Safely

I used plastic traps similar to the old wooden ones. They are found at home stores. Use a little peanut butter smeared on the trap instead of cheese, the mice have to work to get it off and they love the taste. Remember to keep it away from pets so they are not harmed by the trap. (02/26/2008)

By Travis

Archive: Getting Rid of Mice

We live in the woods, and recently some field mice have found their way into the house. We need some advice on getting rid of them without danger to pets.

Linda from NJ


RE: Getting Rid of Mice

There are many solutions but forget the mothballs. Mice just move them out of the way and are not really a deterrent as are some other solutions listed. If you use steel wool to close the hole use the copper or stainless type because the steel ones will rust out. But closing the hole from the inside doesn't solve the problem. Mice can still get in to the house and make new holes. What you have to do is find the entrance on the outside of the house, and they can be really small openings, then get some hardware cloth which is a metal mesh with different small openings. Looks like a screen. Then nail or staple the mesh around the hole. You want to do this now, as with the cold weather the mice will be looking to get in the house. (10/08/2008)

By Harry

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Sprinkle cayenne pepper around outside foundation area. You can buy it in a dollar store, mice and insects hate it. Re-apply a couple of times. They are smart and remember it was there and go away. (10/08/2008)

By joeba

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

We had mice in our basement and caught about 5 of them a night for two years in live metal traps and took them far away and released them. It never slowed down and we could not find an entrance anywhere. Finally we noticed that our electrical box was pulled away from our house about 4 feet up the foundation and they were actually climbing up every night and coming in and seemed to be leaving in the daytime. We would catch them at exactly 9:15 every night until about 5 AM.

We had an electrician come and caulk around wires in box (there was a huge gap and they could just walk right in) and also reattach box that had not been reattached when we had new siding put on. This problem was driving us crazy. We also filled small top gap of electrical box with steel wool. No more mice.

We would have never thought that they would climb that high on a nightly basis. It was like they were following each other in. Also the wind up traps do not work at all. One other thing is to make sure all brush and especially compost pile is not close to house, as ours was actually touching back of house and they were living in there too. We probably caught 2000 alive before finding the source of entry. Hope this tip helps someone find there problem. I know we spent hours looking online for an answer. (10/08/2008)

By NYer

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

If you live in the country, this will be a constant problem. Just get a cat, or maybe two, as some are better hunters than others. Cats are not poisonous, dispose of the corpses, are environmentally friendly, self-sustaining, and will sit on your lap and purr, besides. (10/09/2008)

By louel53

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Peppermint oil on cotton balls scattered behind and in spaces. If it is growing around your place bundle some of it up and stash it around. (10/10/2008)

By MaryBelle

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

First you get some SOS scrubbing pads, then you put them under each of your sink and kitchen drains. Make sure you cover the pipes that have an opening from underneath your home. The mice do not like the smell of the soap pad, or the mice will not chew through the wire of the scrubber. The mice will not be able to get into your home through any opening while these soap pads are in place, over the openings of your home. (10/13/2008)

By MTNMAMA1 Claudia

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Throw a couple of black rat snakes in your basement. Works great! (10/23/2008)

By Snake Lover

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

We suspect a mouse but do not have any droppings as evidence. Every day something comes into our house and takes tassels off of our comforter and piles them in the floor but does not eat anything or leave any droppings. What could this be? (10/27/2008)

By Margaret

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Reading about the missing tassels on your comforter spurred me to tell about our mouse problem. When we moved to NC from Florida, we found about 50 pieces of round dog kibble in one of the speakers of our stereo. Truthfully, we thought one of the movers was playing a trick. Then I found some inside my grand piano, and I knew it hadn't been there when the piano was moved in and re-assembled. When I told my cousin in Connecticut, she told me about the same kind of thing happening to her -- she found dry dog food in the hollow place where the leaf of her dining table would be put, and also in the bottom of her sewing table where her machine was folded down. But the kicker was when the oil burner repair man found a bunch of dry dog food inside 'the squirrel cage' in the oil burner.

Since then, we return the dogs' uneaten dry food to the plastic storage container, and put bread and similar food into the microwave at night. We also had the fringe removed from an Oriental rug -- my husband found it when he located the mouse nest (made from the fringe, inside the drawer of an unused bureau). Now we have a bunch of Victor snap-traps which we bait each night with peanut butter and one raisin each. We are slowly eliminating the mice. Nancy in NC (10/27/2008)

RE: Getting Rid of Mice (or at least trying to)

Last November I moved into a nice 2nd story apartment and had no mouse problems, even after my girlfriend and her Cockatiel moved in a month later.

This year however, I started hearing scratching in the walls around September, which by the beginning of October led to me seeing the southbound end of a northbound mouse in the kitchen. So after buying some cheap wooden snap traps, which were so poorly made they fell apart on me while setting, I ended up buying 4 humane traps per request of my girlfriend. The little buggers would just crawl in, eat the bait, usually smooth peanut butter, sometimes mixed with American cheese, and crawl out. I ended up only catching one in the humane traps, and releasing it down the road on a walking trail.

After that I bought 2 packs of the D-Con spin traps, and all 4 traps did their jobs while I was out of town for 3 days, as well as stink up my apartment. I bought 2 more, re-set them in the same place, under the kitchen sink and they sat there untripped for about a month and 1/2.

Cut to the other night, I'm sitting in here on the computer, in my bedroom and I hear this loud chewing sound coming from behind the open bedroom door. I look over just in time to once again see another mouse booking it into the kitchen. That made me oh so jumpy, even at one point thinking the mouse had crawled under the sheets when my girlfriend got up to get a glass of water.

So I replaced the 4 traps, scattering them around the kitchen. Tonight my girlfriend saw it once again run into the bedroom and run out, than a few hours ago I saw it do the same thing, but managed to follow it's path to find just how it was getting in. It crawled into a small gap between the dishwasher and the cabinet.

Needless to say I tossed the 4 traps which had old bait in them, after trying to re-bait them with no success and bought 3 new packs which I'm about to bait. I also for the time being plugged the hole with some tin foil, until I can buy some steel wool tomorrow. I've also called the landlord to send someone out to properly take care of this problem, and am planning on asking for reimbursement for all the traps I bought (the spin traps were around $4.00 each). I'm just grateful it wasn't rats. (11/26/2008)

By still fighting battle mouse and losing

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

I've seen one behind my canisters on kitchen counter and heard them/it in my trash can. We've been very careful to wash out every can or bottle which contained food or drink and I've still heard them/it. I've put undiluted lemon ammonia into a spray bottle and at night I've lightly sprayed along the counters at the base of the wall and generously into the trash can and on the floor behind the trash can. I've not heard or seen any recent activity and I'm hoping this has been a solution. (01/18/2009)

By grey goose

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

It started with my cat staring at the bottom of a kitchen cabinet. Then I heard scratching one night and three of my four cats (ones just too much a princess to a be a real cat, I guess) zipped in there and stared at the source of the sound. I'm a lover of all things fuzzy so no way I could kill it. So I bought one of those humane traps where he steps on this see-saw platform then goes into a chamber where he can't get out.

At first I had the trap in the basement as I thought he was going up inside the wall and under the cabinet. But the other night Percy the Persian - who's most obsessed with this critter flew into the back room and I heard the scratch, scratch of little feet under the dryer. There's a gap where the hoses for the washer come into the room so he must have come through there.

So I moved the trap upstairs and today I decided to pick away at this little hole by the cabinet base that I'd spackled over awhile back. Poked a butter knife and broke away the spackle and a nose poked out at me - LOL! It was this tiny little mouse and he was just like, "Well hello there!". But then my cat dove at the hole and he disappeared. I left the hole open and moved the trap right in front of it. I just found it so funny that the mouse was like, "Yeah I'm in your house - so?". Gutsy little things, aren't they? (02/06/2009)

By Laura H.

<img src="/images/feedback_image.lasso?id=25494550" width="400" height="300" alt="RE: Getting Rid of Mice">

Archive: Getting Rid of Mice

I have mice in my home. I have tried everything I can, but they are always here. Poison, traps, they know about them. What should I do?

By shoaibmoman from PA


RE: Getting Rid of Mice

A couple of things come to mind. The mice here love peanut butter. I use only that in my traps. A spayed female cat is a good critter to have around. Don't overfeed her (of course don't starve her either) and she'll naturally hunt. I'd keep her an outside cat and you'll have better luck having a mouser. (05/28/2009)

By Glenn'sMom

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

I read a while back in Mother Earth News that mice and rats have a one way digestive system, so they can't burp. They said put down a lid of soda they love the taste, but can't burp, so their little tummies can't handle the pressure. It seems cheaper and worth a try. Good luck. (06/01/2009)

By Poor But Proud

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

When I was little, my grandmother always got mice. Since moving in to her home we've had at least one cat. We've had 1 mouse in the 25 years we've lived here. (06/02/2009)

By Coll3

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

We had this problem too. Didn't keep up with the increasing population until we were overrun. We used the trap listed below (that is listed from Amazon, but you can do a search for it on line and buy it from other places, too) as I just couldn't kill them. Read too many mouse story books with my son. Anyway, this method took time, but we've eliminated at least 25 mice, one at a time. No signs of them anymore and you can be sure if we do see them, the trap will be set pronto. At times, it seems as though they catch on and won't go in, but just be diligent. Move the trap to different locations. Now we even loan our trap out to my husband's coworkers.

1. Smart Mouse Trap - Humane Mousetrap by Humane Mousetrap

Buy new: $9.797 Used and new from $9.79

Get it by Wednesday, June 3 if you order in the next 9 hours and choose one-day shipping.

Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping.

By Arlinn

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Now that it is warm they should leave for the outdoors. Take steel wool and block the openings to your house. A good exterminator should be able to tell you where they enter. I did this after two years trying to rid my house of field mice and the steel wool did the job. No more mice. Oh, and I used Brillo to plug the spot they entered.

So keep the cats indoors and well fed. Good luck.

Jennifer from Northern VA (06/02/2009)

By ILuvDobes

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

We live in a rural area and frequently get mice in our garage and they occasionally get inside the house. We have 2 cats that we keep inside. One of them instinctively knows when we get mice in the garage and will "slip" out the kitchen door. The cats keep any mice at bay for us. We don't put poison out as we don't want our dogs or cats getting into it. (06/02/2009)

By rsrandr

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Easiest thing I ever did. My husband works at an Agway type store. Someone suggested we buy this thing you plug into the electrical outlet. It was about $20 and worth its weight in gold. I am so serious. It sends a pulse through the electrical wiring that mice hear, but we do not. The mice have not been in our house since. If your house is big or has two floors, put one on each floor and at either end of the house.

I can not tell you how sick I was of cleaning mice droppings. Disgusting. This is a miracle product that works like it says it will. I wish someone had told me of it years ago. I have spent more on traps than the price of this over the years and had the awful mess of throwing away half dead mice or worse. Try it and let me know what you think. Only get the one that plugs right into the outlet, about 2 1/2 inches by 4 inches. On the back it says Global Instruments Ltd. I just went to their website: End of mice. Yippee. (06/02/2009)

By themuffster

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Try Ex-lax (the little chocolate cubes), people have told me it really works. Seems the mice eat it and when they are back with the rest of their crew they are sick and a natural instinct for animals is not to revisit places that make them ill, so they don't come back. (06/02/2009)

By Janet from Bangor, ME

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

You can bait them a little more successfully if you offer some different kinds of baits or you call in a pro. I usually bait my traps with some sort of fish oil like tuna juice or even vanilla extract. One old pro suggested "jerky' of any kind and so far that is an excellent option. Mice can't see well at all, but boy can they smell. Use that to your advantage and make sure to set all traps or glue boards next to the wall, tongues of traps especially. For more hints try:, should help out a lot. Good luck. (06/04/2009)

By Dutch 1962

Archive: Getting Rid of Mice

How can I get rid of mice?

By drsphlps from KY


RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Years ago, I read an article in Mother Earth News, that mice and rats have a one way digestive system. If you feed them highly carbonated soda, they can't burp and they die cleanly, without much mess. It might be worth a try. (07/16/2009)

By Poor But Proud

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Honestly? The very BEST way is to get a cat! We lived out in the country and they were sneaking in all the time (I hate mice!). We tried traps of all sorts, chemicals...nothing! Then, we got our smart kitty and did he ever put a stop to them coming in. They still tried every now and then, and even if they succeeded, he'd be right there to catch them. If not, I went looking for him, around the house, and I'd bring him TO the mouse. ;) Our kitty was a good mouser; however, he would not eat them. Like most kitties, he'd bat it around a while (this drove me crazy!), then kill it, then, leave it right there, in the middle of the floor, for "mama" to dispose of. Other than that, he did that job well. =) (07/17/2009)

By heather21230

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Get a cat. Or two. And don't think you have to starve it to make it a hunter. Cats hunt for the entertainment of it. Females are often better than males, but one of the males I have now is wanton killer. I've had one mouse in the house in 9 years, and the mouse was killed before I discovered it had been there. (07/17/2009)

By louel53

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Get a cat, I have lived in a very old house that any mouse could find his way in without a problem. I have always had a cat and never had a mouse problem. When there is a cat the mice tend to find other places to dwell. (07/17/2009)

By willsmaw

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

You don't have to get a cat. My dog is a great mouse getter. It's funny he knows the word mouse. You say mouse in my house he looks around like "where?" He is an 85 lb. pit-bull. We can't have a cat because my mother-in-law is allergic to them. (07/31/2009)

By cherokeegirl

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

I've had a mouse problem every winter for years. I don't like traps or poison; one is messy and with the other they seem to die in the walls. Even feeding a fox every night to keep him around eating mice didn't solve the problem. I gave up looking for helpful tips and got an exterminator on a monthly contract and use Pine-sol and Peppermint oil on cotton balls in my cupboards and silverware drawer. So far, no mice this year. But if you're going nuts, get a professional. (11/13/2009)

By jeannep

Archive: Getting Rid of Mice

How do I get rid of mice in an old house?

By Sellington


RE: Getting Rid of Mice

The mice will leave when the food source leaves. Scour the house for any leftover goodies hiding from previous tenants. If you live on a working farm, the mice will come in anyway as they are being fed outside. In this case I would turn to traps. (01/12/2010)

By caninecodependent

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Get a couple of cats.

GG Vi (01/15/2010)

By Great Granny Vi

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

My mother, who lived in OK at the time, had a horrible problem with mice. I went to stay with her one summer, to help get her diabetes under control and was able to get rid of the mice by buying big plastic boxes with lids from Walmart and stored all boxed and bagged food in them. Left only canned and bottled food on shelves. Once the food sources were gone, the mice left! (01/15/2010)

By Kathryen

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

My indoor kitties did not get rid of the field mice. I did with sealing the area where they gained entrance into my home with steel wool. Problem solved. I think it is wrong to "get a cat" to deter mice. No animal shelter would adopt one out for that reason. (01/17/2010)

By ILuvDobes

Archive: Getting Rid of Mice

How do you keep mice out of drawers?

By Andy from NYC


RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Make sure there are not food crumbs in the drawer. I would purchase the live traps. Put them in the drawers. I would also take everything out of the drawers and wash it. (07/27/2010)

By Danialle

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Cats. Cats were domesticated in the first place to get rid of mice and rats. They are far more efficient than anything else, and more environmentally friendly. They have the added bonus of cuddling and purring. Cats love to hunt and most of them know far more about getting rid of mice than people will ever know. (07/27/2010)

By louel53

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

I guess I would go for the mice out of the house. On a farm, you get cruel, get the poison, get the sticky traps, etc. The fall of the year they don't care where they go, just in. My son had 15 one night in the sticky traps when it turned fall. The cats did nothing except had a little fun. Then you have to find the spots they come in and fix them. (07/27/2010)

By T&T Grandma

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