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Getting Rid of Mice


How do I get rid of mice?

By baktus from Canada


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By Suntydt 75 877 04/17/2011

Depends on your environment. If you don't have any kids and you have a basement (or the mice are in your shed or barn) acquire a black snake and let him loose (in the basement shed or barn). Tell your friends you are looking for one and to let you know if they find one or catch one for you. This option is nice because the snake takes care of ALL the mice (babies, rats, etc.). And when it is done it travels on to greener and mousier pastures.

Your next option is to use mouse traps. Peanut butter works really god as a bait. Try to get traps that have either holes in the bait tray or a looped end. You want the peanut butter to get into a hard to reach spot or the mice will lick it all off and never set off the trap. Of course this doesn't work if you have kids. The option if you have kids is either get a cat or get mouse traps where the mouse goes in and never comes out. I have never used traps like these but they supposedly work well and are more "humane". But I know the snake, peanut butter and cat options work wonders (unless you get a lazy or vegetarian cat).

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By Louise B. 6 2,532 04/20/2011

Long term effective solution, cats one will do, two are better. Especially if you live in an area where this is going to be a recurring problem. That's why people domesticated cats in the first place vermin control.

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By Wilma Long 1 50 04/20/2011

The one and only way to get rid of mice is to block the entryway to where they get in. Until you do this you will always have one more mouse. If one can find a way to get in so can the rest.

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By Kathryen 8 68 04/21/2011

I got rid of the mice from my mother's trailer in Oklahoma by taking away the food sources. She had a large pantry that had open box, bags, etc. I went to walmart and bought several big plastic boxes with lids and put all bagged and boxed food in the plastic boxes leaving only the canned and jarred food on the shelves. I also cleaned her trailer from top to bottom. She was paying to have her house cleaned weekly but when I flew back to help get her diabetes under control, it was very obvious they were only vacuuming and dusting.

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By Linda Jones 13 88 01/12/2012

Use steel wool to fill in cracks to keep them from entering the house. I used the glue pads when I had the problem and collected many. When my nephew moved in with 3 cats the mice moved out permanently! I think that's the only way they really go.

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By Maryeileen 76 1,143 01/27/2012

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By Ben Borgman 12 01/30/2012

This always took care of my annoying rat problem

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Question: Getting Rid of Mice

I have killed (with old fashioned wooden spring traps and peanut butter) 4 mice in the last 3 months. I live alone and travel a lot so getting a cat or two is out of the question. I've checked all my closets and cupboards and stuffed steel wool in any place I think they could possible get in. Where else can I check? I'm at a loss and totally frustrated!

By Laura

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By TheFrugalTownie 1 4 03/20/2012

Something to consider is if there is something in your place that is attracting them. Do you notice them in one particular area of your house? We had a mouse problem when they were coming after our dog's food (both the bag of food stored in low cabinet as well as what was in the bow).

We started storing the dog food in a tightly closing plastic container, and fed the dog smaller amounts more frequently so there would be less sitting in her bowl. The dog food seemed to be the food source that was attracting them, and once we got rid of them after doing that they never came back.

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Question: Getting Rid of Mice

How do I get rid of house mice?

By Joe

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By Vi Johnson 286 801 01/12/2012

Have you thought of getting a cat.....better yet two.

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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

Archive: Getting Rid of Mice

I am a chemical engineering student from rural Swaziland. We have always had a house mice infestation and we are tired of them. I am currently involved in a project to develop a "new and innovative" method or way to get rid of mice. I would like any kind of suggestions from you guys that can help me come up with a good product.

I would also like to know whether you know of any allergies that house mice have? Something or a chemical that is toxic only to them and not other animals or humans?

Thanks, Fiona

Do Not Use Poison!!

The first thing you must do is determine why the mice are there. They are basically there for two reasons: Food and Shelter. Try and find what food they are eating and eliminate/secure it so they are forced to find a new source. Make that new source some bait on a snap trap. DO NOT USE POISON inside the house, no matter what anyone says. This theory of the rodent leaving the house in search of water is suspect. You cannot guarantee this will happen and you run the chance of the rodent dying in the walls and then you have a new problem: getting the smelly, rotting corpse out. Most likely, when you poison a rodent, they get ill and find a safe place which will be their nest.

When you use the snap trap, bait it with some peanut butter and oatmeal. Do not set the trap for a couple of days, essentially giving the rodent a free meal. Once they establish that the trap is a good, safe source of food (a couple of days) then you can set it and they will walk right into it. The good thing about snap traps is that you see your results and can dispose of the rodent.

When you clean up a rodent infestation, make sure you disinfect the area BEFORE you clean. Make a solution of 1 1/2 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water. Spray any droppings, nesting or any other signs of rodents with this solution and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Do the same for any rodents caught in the trap. Use rubber gloves and make sure you wash your hands and clothing afterwards.

It takes patience and a bit of work, but you can get rid of this problem. Don't panic and throw poison out, try and figure out why they are there.

Good luck!

By chris

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

i don't like the mice either. I couldn't get comfortable knowing that little thing was in my house. but please don't use the glue traps. the mice starve to death. that is a slow agonizing death. Put the clapper traps away in a dark corner where the babies don't go, you will catch him. I caught mine. I put a clapper trap in back of a suitcase and waited. 2 days later, he is gone.

By sandy63

How to have Fun Getting Rid of Mice.

How to have fun catching mice.

1. Find a large round empty Duch Cookie Can with it's grooved cover.

2. Place the cover near the Mouse entrance.

3. Tie one end of a thread to a Toothpick and the other end to a Potato Chip, leave some thread pass the Potato Chip.

4. Square off the thick end of the Toothpick with your teeth or a sharp knife.

5. Place the Chip in the middle of the round cover and Scotch tape the end of the thread to the cover.

6. Make air holes in the Cookie Can with a hammer and nail and then place the Can on it's cover.

7 Gently lift and balance the Can up with the Tooth Pick and wind any loose thread around the ToothPick until the thread is tight.

8. The Mouse will go for the Potato Chip and he will pull the thread, knocking down the Tooth Pick. The Can will fall down into the groove of it's cover, trapping the Mouse. The Mouse will run in circles and you may hear him scream bloody murder, but he won't be hurt and you can carry him or her away into a field where it will live happily ever after. And it's great fun because it works better then a Snap and Kill trap, and you did not commit murder!

By human4us

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

What is this "BE NICE TO MICE" thing about? (must be another PC thing) Because: if you can get deadly diseases from mice "HANTAVIRUS" etc. and each female mouse has a litter of at least than 10 more mice each month, and the babies can breed in another month... Do the math! All that AND they cause all kinds of disease from Hanta to the plague. Unless you are a Buddhist or a Jane, Why keep them alive to spread disease?

Don't give me your "holier than thou" messages about hurting animals unless you can at least say you've been a vegetarian for 29 years like I have and don't wear leather shoes, belts or coats. If you love mice, get a clean one for a pet!

If you've lived where they invade your walls, take over and destroy your home like I have. Then you'd think twice. (Thank God for cats!)

Mice spread disease, that's it, that's final! Yeah, they may look fluffy and cute, until one bites you and you get rabies, or Hanta from their pee, poo or saliva or get the plague from their fleas. Nasty little critters indeed! And every female mouse you leave alive, means 100 more will be around in a year to breed even more!

All About Hantaviruses: All about Plague from rodents:

By Cyinda

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Hi Fiona, I left a bucket of water out once and the next day found a deceased mouse floating in it. Apparently they can't swim.

By Jantoo

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

I'm using a combo of things glue traps, wedge back snap trap, poison bait, and the steel wool with peppermint in the holes i see.

By jay

RE: Getting Rid of Mice

Cats. We try to keep a cat in the barn to keep the mice out of grain. It works better than any poison or trap we have every used. In the house we use "blue death" Another way is to drown them, put water in a bucket, then put grain that floats in it. They get in to eat the grain and can't get out.

By mom-from-missouri

Archive: Getting Rid of Mice

We live in the woods, and recently some field mice have found their way into the house. We need some advice on getting rid of them without danger to pets.


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