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Cat Urine on Leather Furniture

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How do I clean my leather cushions? The cat has soiled on it and now it has urine stains and the smell is awful.

By Karen from Cape Town, South Africa


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Archive: Cat Urine on Leather Sofa

Is there any way to get cat urine out of a leather sofa without ruining it?

Denice from Texas

RE: Cat Urine on Leather Sofa

I would call a furniture store and ask them, or perhaps a pet store or better yet, a vet's office (05/02/2005)

By MrsMoted2

RE: Cat Urine on Leather Sofa

I wish you the best of luck with any posts you get with ideas on how to solve the smell issue. First, know that the urine has most likely penetrated your foam cushions. Ours was saturated as we were on vacation when the urinating occurred. So this is what we did that helped until we could get another couch (and this sounds like a lot of work, which it was, and it sounds kind of cheesy but the couch was very expensive to replace): we bought Simple Solution from Petsmart (this works really great for smells caught immediately). We took out the foam cushions, poured Simple Solution on them (outside as this is a messy job). We allowed it to dry. This took about two days. The smell was still there but not as strong as it was. We didn't want the cat to do it again so we took some trash bags and duct tape and wrapped the cushions up (air tight, so to speak) put them back in the leather seat covers and covered the entire couch with a plastic shower curtains. We removed the shower curtains when we wanted to sit down but anytime we were not around for more than five minutes, we put it back on. When we sat on the cushions, there was a rattling sound from within from the bags and they were kind of puffy. When guests came over we had them sit elsewhere because there was still the faintest of faint urine smells that wafted up from the crevices of the couch. BUT, we were able to get a decent couch from a family member a few months later and as much as it hurt me, we threw away the ruined couch. I'm certain if this had happened while we were home, we would have gotten the odor out and my beloved leather and expensive leather sofa would still be in my living room. We learned a valuable lesson: we love the cat but now we keep everything covered in plastic shower curtains when we are not around (beds, furniture, fabric chairs, etc.). She's old and has kidney failure (which started when we were on vacation for ten days and the pet sitter didn't notice any odd behavior or smells). They are not pretty to look at but as soon as I come home or company is arriving, the shower curtains leave the room and the house is pretty again :) Good luck to you and sorry my post wasn't a positive outcome but remember to appreciate what you have instead of having remorse for the things you don't -- we still have our kitty and she's doing so much better :) (05/03/2005)

By Melissa W.

RE: Cat Urine on Leather Sofa

I washed my leather couch down with water and about a fourth cup of bleach. Then I dried it off, washed it with water and pine sol and after all this I wiped it down with lemon juice. Then I rubbed baby oil on it to bring back the shine and this got rid of the cat urine smell. (03/02/2007)

By bretania

RE: Cat Urine on Leather Sofa

I would try Nature's Miracle - that was recommended by our vet and seems to work on the rug. I'm not sure if it is safe to use on leather though. (12/26/2007)


Archive: Cat Urine on Leather Furniture

Any suggestions on how to get a cat urine smell out of a leather couch with cushions that are stuffed with down feathers? Thanks.

octoberbabye from Bradenton, Fl USA

RE: Cat Urine on Leather Sofa

We had a cat pee on a memory foam mattress and what worked for us is plain old hydrogen peroxide! Try it straight on an unseen part of the leather to see if it will bleach first. Some people are totally neurotic about the bleaching possibility, but it is worth trying to make sure.

We just soaked the mattress totally with the peroxide and let it dry naturally. I do agree with the guy about using baby oil afterward though. You don't want to dry out the leather and have it start cracking. But I would use a scented oil. Take a bit of MINERAL oil (unscented) and add essential oil to scent it how you would like. Personally, a drop or 2 of orange, and a few of mint mixed together sounds good. (Cats tend to love mint, so you would have to check your cat first to see if it makes them "excited" or relaxed. Ours it relaxes.)

Hope this helps. I did save our memory foam mattress, and it was soaked by a child several times before the cat got at it (child just refused to admit there was a problem), so the child urine had dried into it each time. (03/31/2008)

By Milenda

RE: Cat Urine on Leather Sofa

I have a black leather jacket that my cat managed to pull off of a chair back and pee on. It changed the appearance as well as the smell of the leather. I used Nature's Miracle, easily found at pet supply stores in a white bottle with red writing. I figured I didn't have anything to lose, because if the urine didn't come out I would no longer be able to wear my jacket.

I got a roll of paper towels, and soaked the stains several times, blotting after each application. After the leather seemed pliable again (the urine had dried and made the leather stiff), I soaked and blotted a few more times, then put a small amount on the leather and let it dry, away from heat and sunlight. When it was dry I kind of rolled it in my hands to soften it again, and have had no problem since, not even a curious look from kitty when I wear it. Nothing to lose at this point, couldn't hurt to try. (03/31/2008)

By purrplekat

RE: Cat Urine on Leather Sofa

I used tee tree oil to remove the smell of cat urine, and it worked well. (08/17/2008)

RE: Cat Urine on Leather Sofa

Thanks for the help in solving this problem. Our cat had urinated continuously on a leather sofa in our home while we were out of town, and what a mess it was. We cleaned it by:

- Using a product called "Nature's Miracle" (orange scent) on all surfaces.
- Removing the foam from the cushions and soaking them with "Nature's Miracle" several times.
- No dry cleaner would guarantee the outcome of the leather covers so we called "Chem.-Dry" (look them up on the net). They came out and used a product called P.U.R.T. It worked well for the most part, with only minimal damage to the finish.
- We had to soak some of the seams with Febreeze
- After letting all the parts air out for 2 weeks, all is well.
- We put the sofa back together and applied a leather conditioner.
- I think the P.U.R.T. was the main cure for the problem.

I hope this helps. (10/27/2008)

By Dan

Archive: Cat Urine on Leather Furniture

I have a leather chair, and a cat urinated on it. I need help on how to get it out.

By Camilla from Ocala, FL

Archive: Cat Urine on Leather Furniture

My cat urinated on my burgundy leather couch (in the corner portion of it). What do I do to clean it?


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