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Magic Marker in a Clothes Dryer

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How do I get magic marker out of the clothes dryer?

Kara from Voorhees, NJ



Recent Answers

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By Jackolyn Smith [14]01/08/2007

Nail polish remover will remove permanent ink from just about anything.

By Kim McGrantham [16]01/08/2007

You can get a bottle of paint thinner to remove the spots.. we use it at work for correcting personalized ornament we write on with sharpies. Alcohol will not remove the sharpie..only the thinner you get from a hobbie shop.

By Star01/08/2007

That new Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean will get it right out. Hope this works

By (Guest Post)01/07/2007

My husband once left a Sharpie marker in his pocket. It was all over the inside of the dryer. Nothing got it out. Eventually it went away and I never saw any transfer on any clothes.

By Dawn [3]01/07/2007

Don't know if this will work:
Try rubbing with isopropyl alcohol until the stain comes out


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