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I went on this website to get ideas for removing dry-erase marker stains from clothing as my son comes home from Pre-K frequently with these stains. After trying a few of the suggested solutions and still having a visible stain, I remembered that my mom used to use Lestoil heavy-duty cleaner to remove tough stains from clothes when I was a kid. The product is still around today, and works to remove various tough stains from clothes, including grease and tar. I tried it on the dry-erase marker stain and it worked! I was so relieved as the shirt that was stained was a designer shirt. I just had to share this great tip with any other stressed-out parents dealing with dry-erase marker stains I wish they still used chalkboards in school!

By Kate from Cape May, NJ

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I have used/loved Lestoil Heavy Duty Cleaner for years. It has gotten out many stains from all of our clothes. I learned about it from a friend who lived in St. Louis. She said all the moms use it to get the driveway tar out of their clothes. My mother & brother finally saw why I rave about it so when they saw it remove fence creosote from clothes that had already been washed! We are having GREAT DIFFICULTY locating it now. When we find it we buy many bottles as gifts. I may have to start hoarding it! Please don't d/c it!

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Has anyone ever heard of Lestoil eating through the plastic bottle and dissolving tile floor it was setting on?

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My sister's mother in law told her about lestoil to remove stains from clothing and she told me because it worked great. I can't find it in Florida, so I am going to buy it on line and have it shipped to me even though the shipping charge is high it is worth it if it saves just two items of clothing. I have never found anything like it. It works on absolutely everything. It takes out grease and oil based stains even if they have been in the clothing for years. Whatever is in it, i don't care, it has been used for many many years. It is the best product I have ever seen for stains.""

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If you keep it around for a long time, it will disolve the plastic bottle and leak all over. Transfer the Lestoil into a glass bottle.

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Does anyone know where to get Lestoil in Littleton Colorado or even in Denver. And if not, where to buy it online? Can't find it. Thanks!

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I just called the Ace Hardware in Thornton, CO and they carry Lestoil! My mother in law told me about it in Boston and I can't wait to try it on old set in grease stains on shirts.

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You can buy lestoil at http://www.reliablepaper.com/Lestoi ... eavy_Duty_Cleaner_p/clo33910each.htm

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What about colored clothing? Will it change or ruin the colors?

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I'm over 50 and we always had lestoil around the house too for grease stains or tough floor cleaning- It's hard to find these days, not in grocery stores but likely hardware stores- online too.

It gets chewing gum out of kids hair too. (and of course chewing gum is petroleum based too- at least it used to be)


If I recall it is petroleum based as were many products we all used. You older folks probably remember the great permanent press bed sheets we had growing up that do NOT exist these days.. those permanent press materials had petroleum in them..

For those of you confused that's oil, as in gasoline oil ! (processed differently of course)

It will not harm the coloring in clothes as it is not a bleach.

It's funny that it's such an oldtime product that if you google it, they try to correct your spelling to "lysol" LOL.


Here is the pdf document of what's in Lestoil:

http://fmdocushare.cnyric.org/docus ... /dsweb/Get/Document-418/_qg_w_h5.pdf

you'll notice it says "stoddard solvent" as an ingredient. Here is the page describing "stoddard solvent" which is "petroleum based" as I mentioned above (black gold as Jed Clampett would say!)


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Love the stuff. My mom used it on my baby clothes and I use it for my kids. Works on everything! If it doesn't get it all out in the first wash, keep working it in. I can get it at almost any grocery store in NY.

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the warning states is contains: cleaning agents (petroleum distillates, pine oil, anionic and nonionic surfactants.(

I do love this stuff is works on getting every stain out.

If you need to find is call the 800 # on the bottle 1-800-537-8645

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I don't know why it is not marketed or carried at many stores because despite other products claims it is the only thing that seems to get out tough stains. I am not sure if it is "green", but you don't need to use much to get tough stains out. If you have young kids, you can't live without it.

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I love Lestoil as well!! I have used it for a few years on my kids clothing as well as bacon grease splatters on my clothes. My son even got into the old oil from our car and had that black oil from collar to socks (a brand new outfit)... IT TOOK IT ALL OUT!!!!!!! I've been hooked ever since! I am having a hard time finding it these days (Indiana), which totally frustrates me! But I am not giving up!!

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I see a recommendation to buy Lestoil at reliablepaper.com. The $3.40 for the bottle is not bad, but the FedEx shipping cost of $10.35 for a total of $13.75 puts it out of my means.

I found that Do it Best Hardware stores will let you buy it online, and then ship it to the closet store to you for FREE. Go to http://doitbest.com/Floor+Waxes+and ... -model-33910-doitbest-sku-620629.dib

and click the "add to cart" button to purchase. When you view the shopping cart, enter your zip code in the yellow box, and it will tell you the closest store for pickup. This gives you the "free shipping".

I understand some Ace Hardwares carry Lestoil. For those that don't, you can purchase a minimum 12 bottles on their website, and get the free shipping to closet store. Current price on 12 bottles is $51.73.

I have seen flashy ads and clever jingles, but have never seen anything work as well as Lestoil does for me. Thank goodness there is a Do it Best Hardware close to me!

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LOVE Lestoil! Love it!

If you're having trouble finding it, keep in mind that it's not with the detergent - it's usually in the same spot as the Murphy's Oil Soap.

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I'm a New Yorker who grew up with Lestoil in under the kitchen cabinet. I've been living in Georgia's metro area for the past 9 years. Will someone please tell me where I can find some Lestoil. Losing my mind.

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I used lestoil to clean a satin bag and on my couch and now I cannot get the awful smell out. Any tips?

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I can't find it in Indiana either. So I went on Ebay and ordered it. Yes, it cost over $6 for the postage, but it's WORTH it! I'm always popping grease on my self, and dropping mayo on my blouse while eating. Nothing else works for me. So I'll gladly pay the extra postage and my bottle did disolve. So when it gets here, I'll put it in a GLASS bottle. I'm just tickled to find it! :)

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I use Lestoil as a spray cleaner by diluting it with warm water in a plastic spray bottle. It works great for cleaning counter tops, spills on vinyl floors, cleaning the cat's litter box, cleaning the top of the refrigerator and finger prints around light switches. This is a great thrifty way to make your own spray cleaner.

My only complaint is the leaking bottles. I just bought two new bottles and they are BOTH leaking out the bottom. I store them upside down in a cleaning caddy.

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Hi Sandy,

I saw your post about the leaking Lestoil bottles. I've had this happen twice making a huge mess in our laundry cupboard. I decided to call Lestoil (Clorox Company) to complain and I was surprised at what they told me. The bottles are only chemically resistant for 18 months. When I suggested that they might use glass, I was curtly told that the product only has a 1 year shelf life anyway! I then asked why no expiration date, and was told how to decode the cryptic code on the bottle. Not good in my book.

I've since written a letter to the company as I didn't like the answer from the telephone rep.

Much worse, I also had this same breakdown with a bottle of Clorox bleach. Fortunately in the basement, and so the damage was controlled. I assume they use the same kind of plastic that breaks down with these caustic cleaners.

So, while Lestoil is a great product, it does a good job on those greasy stains, be sure to transfer it to glass and write a date on the bottle as apparently it losses efficacy after a year. In this way you can toss the bottle if the year mark approaches.

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Love, Love, Love Lestoil - the only place you can buy in Canada is Canadian Tire. Great for laundry stains but when I ran out of hard wood floor cleaner, added about 1/4c to bucket of water and my prefinished floors are fabulous!

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Lestoil is great for difficult stains, but I only try to use it once a year or so. Usually by the time I need it I find it has all leaked out of the plastic bottle, leaving behind a dried out mess around its base (which has penetrated deeply into the unfinished pine shelf it sits on), so it's rarely available for me to use a second time. I keep meaning to call the company about this, but I gather they won't be surprised or care very much.

I'll try to remember to pour it into a glass bottle if I ever buy it again. I certainly can't imagine buying a case of 12 bottles, even if I don't trust the company's claim that it's only good for 12 months. But meanwhile, maybe the Clorox company is trying to discontinue it, despite the lingering demand. Certainly distributing it in those useless containers, rather than in glass bottles, seems like a good reason for stores not to want to stock it--I wouldn't if it were my store.

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I just finished my bottle of Lestoil and it was probably 20 years old or more. The bottle didn't leak on mine, so I figure they must have changed the material it was made from after reading your posts. I plan to buy a new one soon, but will remember you posts and put it in glass, as I plan on it lasting for many years. It is the only thing I've found to work for grease stains on clothing. Like the times I've cooked with grease and got spattered and my whole top had grease dots on it. Lestoil. My husband has episodes with hydrolic oil too and we use it for that. Just thought I'd pass that along!

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If you are in the Northeast Ohio area (and I think western PA), you can find Lestoil at Marc's. I've had the same bottle for over 4 years and it still works. I keep it in a glass jar. It's great for sweat stains in workout clothes, removes the yellowing and the odor. Just work it into the garment with an old toothbrush and throw into the washer.

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