Plastic Bag Melted onto Toaster Oven


Someone left a plastic bag on top of my red toaster oven and it melted into the finish. How do I remove the melted plastic without damaging the red finish?

By EllenSF from San Francisco, CA


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By LizO 39 07/05/2009

You may want to try Goo Gone. It can be found in many places and while I was at the local Dollar Tree store, they had small bottles of it there:

http://www.magicamerican.com/googon ... 59a-40a3-412c-9f1c-03108e6a30db.aspx

Not sure it will work but it doesn't, really shouldn't, harm the finish on your t-oven. Good luck!

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By Nicole 8 54 07/05/2009

If you have a chrome toaster you can use nail polish remover. I've done it.

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By merlene smith 4 311 07/06/2009

You could try contacting the manufacturer.

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By Bob 7 41 07/07/2009

My wife accidentally placed bread on a hot burner on the glass top stove and the plastic melted on the burner. I made a paste from dish washer powder and let is sit over night with a damp paper towel over top. The next morning, I added some water to the paper towel and I was able to scrub the plastic off.

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By Maggie Walker 3 5 07/08/2009

Just yesterday, I had a similar experience! A plastic bread wrapper (with bread) melted on a burner cover. What a mess!

I applied Goo Gone to the cover, and let it "soak" for awhile. I was able to remove SOME of the plastic wrapper/color printed residue. But, there is still enough of it left, that the cover will have to be treated with something else, or just "trashed." Do try the Goo Gone, and see if that works completely, in your situation. Good luck!

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By lindy 1 21 07/12/2009

Try just warming the toaster just until the bag is slightly soft and than peeling it off.

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By Ellen 1 1 07/13/2009

Many many thanks for all of your suggestions. I really appreciate your trying to help me with this! I thought it might be helpful to someone else with this problem to post some feedback. I have tried the Goo Gone and the ammonia. Neither helped. I don't want to try the acetone because my toaster oven is candy apple red and I'd prefer the melted plastic on it than to take the color off. Another friend of mine suggested that I get some decorative tiles to put on top of the oven. That seems like a good idea to me for 2 reasons...one it will cover up the melted plastic and two it will make it safe to put a plastic bag on top of the toaster. Again, many many thanks for all of your suggestions.

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By Pearl 4 18 02/10/2010

I used a damp Mr. Clean magic eraser and it actually worked on my black toaster over. OMG. I thought that bread bag would be on there forever. Yea!

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By kit.phx 03/07/2013

Just wanted to thank the person who posted about the Magic Eraser! I had put off trying to clean my red toaster oven for three months, not wanting to ruin the finish. I heated it just slightly, gave a tug at the plastic, and was amazed that it actually pulled off with little resistance, except at the edges. Yes, this was from a bread bag I'd left on top of the oven. I used a very small piece of Magic Eraser on it after it cooled off, and the remaining plastic came right off. Followed that with a little Stainless Steel Magic to shine it up, and it looks like new.

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