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How Do I Make Soft Sculpture Dolls?

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I would like information on how to make soft sculpted dolls.

By Jude from Vancouver, BC


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By Debby [21]09/02/2010

I make and sell soft sculptured dolls. I've made them since the eighties when the Cabbage Patch Dolls were popular. Soft sculpture is a technique that's easily mastered. Search online and then just practice. Sure you'll have to throw some away but that's how you learn. You'll learn that by pulling up it'll make the mouth or eyes look one way and to change it up- pull it down instead. It's fun to change up the looks. My dolls look totally different now than they did 25 years ago even though I still use the same pattern! I now use t-shirt fabric instead of the soft sculpture knit fabric. I have made them out of panty hose but not for children. They are, after all, still panty hose and they do run!
Good luck.

By Becca J [2]09/01/2010

Two sites that are especially good:
1.) ... 1-01/Homemade-Doll-Instructions.aspx
Have fun! These can be a hoot!

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