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Kool Aid Jammers Belts, Wallets, Pocket Books and Checkbook Covers Patterns


I need the patterns for the kool aid jammers pocket books, wallets, checkbook covers, and belts. I also would like to have the beer box and cereal box pocket book patterns. If someone would please post these patterns I would appreciate it.

Lilly from SC



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By Nelda Fairley 3 11/25/2004 Flag

You can look on MB and search for Koolaide Purses.

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By Jeanie 2 10 11/26/2004 Flag

checkout the following website-
I made one and had a couple of 10 yr old girls make one each before school started this fall.
If you will just do a search for Kool Aid Jammers or Capri Sun purse instructions, you will find some more patterns.

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By michelle (Guest Post) 06/19/2005 Flag

There are directions for the kool-aide jammer purse

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By (Guest Post) 12/25/2005 Flag

hey the website is a great one i got instructions off of there and it's great free too!

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By Lisa 1 1 05/05/2007 Flag

Try here-there are lots of links to capri sun and koolaid jammer ideas
Also, if you check out the auction sites, you can come up with some creative ideas, too.

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