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Fear Factor Themed Party


I need some ideas for fear factor party for an 11 year old. Can anyone help me?

Taylor from houston, TX



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By (Guest Post) 06/16/2005

We went to my husbands work Christmas party one year and they played a "fear factor" type game. They brought out a "kitty litter cake", which I have always thought was disgusting looking. I informed them that we were going to loose as I wasn't eating that!! You can get the recipe anywhere. Try putting it in a search engine and I bet you will get lots of them.

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 08/30/2005

My three year old son is a HUGE Fear Factor fan and it's going to be the theme of his birthday party (coming up in a few months... I'm a planner!). Any ideas for making seemingly-gross or pseudo-dangerous treats or games?


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By Mary Nelson (Guest Post) 05/04/2007

my daughter had a fear factor party and i got a big glass bowl and filled it with rocks and little things to grab out. I filled it with water and put leaches in. The girls were very freaked out. They were harmless.

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By Steve (Guest Post) 06/22/2007

We planned a fear factor party last year. We took fudge covered fish sticks posing as dog droppings, and had the children pick them up with thier feet. They had 30 seconds to put as many as they could in a bowl.

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By Briana. (Guest Post) 07/19/2007

when i was a little girl i had a sleep over and we played fear factor. one of the games i remember playing was "bobbing for turds" similar to bobbing for apples. What we did was fill a big bowl with unflavored lemonaid... (you can just use the kool-aid packets that require sugar and just leave the sugar out) and we got the mini snickers candies and kind of mushed them but not to where they would break. we left them in the lemonaid mix for 15-20 min before the game so they were somewhat soggy. we put a new toilet seat we bought from a store on top of the bowl to give it the effect that we were bobbig in a toilet. but we ended up takng it off because none of our heads would fit all the way in it. haha. it was really fun and to this day my friends that were there still talk about it and im in my last years of high school. hope i helped out!

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By Miranda (Guest Post) 07/23/2007

You could get gummy worms wet and the put them in a bowl with pudding and have kids blindfolded reach in and eat the gummy worms thinking they were real.

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By Tina (Guest Post) 07/30/2007

A great baby shower game can also work great at a fear factor themed party. Melt different candy bars in diapers. I picked six different candy bars and melted them in the microwave and the kids had to guess what was in the diaper by smelling and looking. It looks gross being that it is in a diaper!

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By Terri (Guest Post) 08/28/2007

Where did you get your supplies?

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By Barb from Grand Bay N.B. Canada (Guest Post) 10/03/2007

I hosted a fear factor party last year for my son. It was awesome! For each of the activities point were awarded, for ex. 4 for winners 3 for second place 2 for third and 1 for trying.

1. Eating "poop" from a diaper (choc pudding & caramilk choc bars mashed up). The effect was perfect and putting it in a diaper was the perfect touch.

2. Dirty donuts, timbits dunked in milk then rolled in oreo crumbs and green coloured coconut. I told the kids that these were donated from the store because they had fallen on the ground.

3. Smelly stuff. each kid had a dish placed in front of them which contained a mixture of parama cheese, hard boiled eggs, dog food, pepper or whatever you have at home that is smelly. then you get each child to cup their noses over their dish and whoever can breath over this mixture the longest collects the most points.

4. Iron toes: large basin filled with cold water, ice, salt and about 40 marbles. Each kid takes one sock off and with their toes only try to remove marbles the most marbles removed in one minute wins the points.

5. finding bugs in brains. Cooked spaghetti, food colouring, gelatin, mix in a couple of plastic bugs. Kids have to search with their bare hands for the bugs the most bugs found within one minute win most points.

6. Large jar like (pickled eggs jar) fill bottom of jar with quarters and nickles. Then at your local pet store get about 20-30 crickets (not expensive at all) and place in jar also add a few twigs. The kids have to reach into the jar and take out the quarters one by one, if they try to grab too many they could squish a cricket. The kid to collect the most money in 1 minute get most points. Let the cricket free outside when done.

7. cut up lemon wedges and give one to each kid. On the count of 3 every kid puts lemon wedge in mouth and sucks the last to spit it out is the winner. Get the kids to chew mint gum first then spit it out, then the lemon. Great for parents to watch.

8. Kitty litter digging: pour kitty litter in basin, moisten and shape tootsie rolls to look like poop and drop into kitty litter, they look authentic. Then mix about 100 pennies in litter and let the kids go dig in one at a time for 1 minute. The winner is the one who collects the most pennies.

Of course with each activity you must make up a disgusting story about what each activity involves, ex. real poop from baby brother, dirty donuts rolled on ground, smelly stuff found in garbage, killer crickets, helping clean kitty's poop, etc...

I was able to do most of these activities 2 at a time with the help of a couple of my friends. This party was a great success, so much that he wants to repeat the theme again this year. He is going to be 9 this year.

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By summerohseven (Guest Post) 10/26/2007

Ok this is on that kids will love. Warm up some queso, and add a few drops of green food coloring. then take some of those little skinny pretzel sticks and dip the tips of them in the cheese. place the boogers on a stick on some wax paper then let sit over night and serve on a platter at the party!! Bon Appetit!!

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By Madison (Guest Post) 11/01/2007

Im having a fear factor party too for my 11 birthday me and my cousin are having it together!!

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By pro (party planner pro) (Guest Post) 01/28/2008

Have a scavenger hunt and be looking for things like bones with blood on them- (in stores they have those giant dog bones buy some of those and put ketchup all over if you live some were in the country and theres a pond close buy have it kind of sticking out of the ground and have ''blood''around it so it looks real)
Brains- (make red Jello (strawberry)and then when its done carve it with a dull knife not to sharp and shape it with bumps on it to make it like a brain and then put water with red food coloring on it and let it drip down or strawberry syrup.
Eye balls- (boil some eggs and then when it's done cut it in half and then take out the yolk and in its place put in a black candy (jub-jubs work good) or to make it really gross put in a black olive.

Hope you like my ideas!

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By party planner pro (Guest Post) 01/29/2008

If you want to make pigs ears make them with cookie dough but just so they don't taste so plain put caramel in them for ear wax.

Hope you use it!

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By party planner pro (Guest Post) 01/29/2008

You can have human blood strawberry juice or you can have "cow poop": for "cow poop" get root beer and freeze it and then like a little while before you are going to have it take it out of the freezer and let it melt a little so its like a slush and if it does not melt in time run it under warm water then shake it.

Hope you like my drinks they sound gross but they taste great and if you don't want your child having pop the "cow poop" can be chocolate milk and do the same thing with it!

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By samantha (Guest Post) 02/15/2008

I'm turning 13 what should I do? I can only invite 9 people + me = 10.. Do you have any idea? If you do, please tell.

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By Kim Davies (Guest Post) 04/23/2008

Some great ideas on this site! I'm hosting a party for my son in a few weeks & this is awesome! One idea that was given to me that isnt listed here is "Walk on glass" Have a section in a garage or away from the main party & lead the kids in one at a time, blindfolded. Have a large area on the ground covered with potato chips that they have to remove socks & shoes and walk across. Of course act it up while they're doing it & be sure to wipe their feet off before removing the blindfold- they get very scared of this, it's great fun! She even had an "actor" scream after her turn (before anyone else) & have some fake blood on her feet to freak out the others!

have fun!

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By lauren (Guest Post) 06/13/2008

My brother is having a fear factor party, and my mom got some baby food and made them eat it. She got fake blood and put it in a bowl and she put fake gummy worms in there. They had to stick there face in there and get it. The one who had the most at the end of one minute won. I hoped that I help. By:lauren

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By (Guest Post) 06/18/2008


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By ARM (Guest Post) 08/10/2008

i am throwing my little brother a FEAR FACTOR PARTY after seeing this page he fell in love with the idea! He is turning 9 in 9 days and I wanna make this special for him since its hard sometimes to have an August birthday because everyone is out of school so he usually misses out friend parties! Do you have any ideas for this party! It has to be a secret from him too so it's also a surprise to him to at the party! I'd really appreicate the help!

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By Saskia (Guest Post) 09/22/2008

Hi, my name is Saskia, my BFF went to a new school a few weeks ago. We still have contact. Me and a friend want to throw her a "party". We just wanna enjoy it. Do you have ideas for me? We thought about Fear Factor, Halloween etc. Nothing interested us. Please HELP!

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