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Keeping Pigeons Away from My House


I live in Southern California and pigeons seem to live on the roof of my house (It's a two story house.) They leave their droppings on the driveway and it's difficult to get rid of every hour or so. I try to spray them with a hose but they fly away and return later. Does anyone know how to keep them away?




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By Mattie 1 20 07/31/2008 Flag

Use rubber snakes, the kind from toy dept or big blow up one. They also have a motion detector owl that moves and hoots. It's not very expensive either and it's a real hoot, too.

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By Julie 48 564 07/31/2008 Flag

Rubber snakes, air blow up snakes, fake owls or even cut green water hoses placed in separate areas shaped in s pattern like a snake. It works too. Our town has lots old old brick high buildings that had with the same problem. They started doing this especially with the very long blow up snakes, and even drape them over the usa flag pole, and they stay away now. We had a floating boat dock at our lake land, and we did this with the cut green garden water hoses and they stayed away. Tape off your open ends of the garden hoses so no bugs or crawly things go in there.

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By Me (Guest Post) 07/31/2008 Flag

I tried the fake owl & it didn't work. I tried a rubber snake & it didn't work either. Maybe I need to use several of them or a bigger one. Thanks for the info.

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By Holly 367 1,263 07/31/2008 Flag

I know someone who had that problem. She was told to have a large fake owl installed as if it were perched on the roof (owl purchased at Home Depot) and plastic spikes located along the roof to discourage visitors. The spikes worked. At first it was just the owl, then the birds became used to it. Spikes installed by Home Depot, also.

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By darcey fitrakis 3 35 07/31/2008 Flag

What you need to do is add the spikes and put a very low electrical current through it just until you feel a humming in your hand when you hold it. Then put up chicken wire up over any place that may work for them to perch up from the rain, that way they can't land.

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By Laurie 44 150 07/31/2008 Flag

awwww the pigeons...
there are 2 things that work. I don't have those nasty birds where I live but my house was bombarded with bird poop from other birds. My brother told me to take a chlorine tablet (like you put in pools) break it up and put under the roof tiles. I did and although they are not completely gone, it's 95% better.
Now when I live in Las Vegas my neighbors had bought this product that looks like a strip of nails with the pointed side up. the birds will not land because it hurts their tush and feet. If you're pretty crafty you could make your own. Get double sided tape and tacks.
try one of these tips and I can guarantee no more birds or your money back!!


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By Mattie 1 20 08/01/2008 Flag

there is a motion detector owl turns it's head and really works even on crows.. the garden center here in town has them so if you can't find it they can prob order for you...just keep the batteries replaced and put out of reach of children...they keep making it move and hoot and run the batteries down....

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By Barb in tennessee (Guest Post) 08/02/2008 Flag

The large Owl from the garden center usually works, if it is in the right spot. Also tie a few pieces of nylon rope in a knot and place it up there too. If it only suggests a snake, it will scare them off.
Also, pull long lengths like streamers from an old cassette. Tie the ends in knots. Place several of these all along the edge of the area where the birds sit. These will wave in the breeze, and will shine when the sun hits them. The birds won't like this combination of movement and shine.

Also, the oldie but goodie, aluminum pie pans tied onto a string/rope the length of the area. These will move in the breeze, and will also shine.

Here in our town we were bothered by starlings. The town used radios with various music played all day. The heavy metal music was not liked by the birds, nor was opera. LOL Guess you could sit an outdoor speaker on the roof edge, and try different music to scare the birds away. Maybe the 18112 Overture......the part with the cannons?

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By Toni (Guest Post) 08/11/2008 Flag

'Nuff said

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