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I'm looking for a pattern for a school bus to put on a tote bag. I drive a schhol bus and would like to make a tote bag to keep my supplies in. I have to tote pattern but no bus pattern, can any one help me . Thanks

Rose M. from Orange Texas



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By Michele (Guest Post) 01/19/2005


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By turquoise (Guest Post) 01/19/2005

go to a store that carries childrens coloring books. I am sure you will find a simole school bus you can copy.

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By Brooxie (Guest Post) 01/19/2005

Here is a link I found with both small and large school bus patterns:


Also, just type "school bus pattern" in your search engine and many will come up. Have fun !

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By Donna (Guest Post) 01/19/2005

I get designs from coloring books or graphics from my publishing program (cards) I print the pattern off and trace and transfer with transfer paper onto the object....then paint it in.....or you could print the bus onto fabric transfer iron on sheets and iron it onto the tote..... good luck and have fun with it! D

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By Harlean from Arkansas (Guest Post) 01/20/2005

I will try again since I forgot to log in first.
I have a picture that I copied off a gift bag from the dollar store that might be what you are looking for. I am going to attempt to add the picture to my post. Have never tried this before, and if it doesn't work, you can use the link below to see it.

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By Marion L (Guest Post) 02/04/2005

The picture from Harlean in Arkansa is exactlly what I was looking for. My sweetie drives a school bus and wants me to make an afghan for an end of the year party. Is there anyway to convert the pic into an actual pattern telling me stitch count, drop/pick up colors, etc???? Any and all help is appreciated.

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By Queen Mil (Guest Post) 11/20/2005

I was just drawing up a pattern for that exact thing. I drive a bus and thought it would be nice to have a lap throw. So cold when you open the door all the time in the winter. I use a jacket on my legs right now. But I just drew a bus and graphed it out for granny squares. I have done this b4 with several patterns and works well....

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By Tracye 1 12/15/2005

Hi, were you ever able to find a crochet pattern for a school bus?? I was thinking that I would have to find a cross-stitch pattern and use it for a charted afghan.

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By School Bus Chauffeur (Guest Post) 09/06/2006

Check out the following site:


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